In today’s time, we have increasingly become dependent on emails. Webmail or emails are considered a fast, cost-effective, and accessible way to communicate for business or personal use. Considering this, one of the best that you can give thought to is IONOS Webmail.


Using it can be a complicated task, so this 1and1 webmail login guide will help you set up your account and mention the amazing features as well. Read on!

Overview of IONOS

One of the top and most authentic services provided by 1 and 1 is IONOS  Webmail. In addition, the reason behind its immense popularity is – its features and tools that help you manage your online existence. 

The user-friendly interface of 1&1 IONOS webmail is worth noting as it can be customized according to individual requirements, and allows you to access it anywhere with an internet-connected device. The platform is also secure, meaning you don’t need to protect your personal email from threats

IONOS 1&1 webmail allows users to send and receive emails from their web browsers without any installation of third-party software. Moreover, it allows you to create an email without the phone number verification.

How to Register to 1and1 Webmail Login?

For years, 1&1 IONOS webmail has been a reliable email hosting service provider. Hence, it made a record and secured a second position globally in 2019.

Before starting to use its services, take a look at the IONOS email sign-in


  • Tap on Email & Office.
    Tap on Email and Office
  • From the dropdown menu, select Professional Email Address
    Professional Email Address
  • Choose one plan according to a specific individual from the plan section. 
    Choose a plan from the plan section
  • Thoroughly go through the plans under – IONOS Email, Email & Office, and Business Gmail to cross-check your business requirements.
    Read the plans thoroughly
  • Proceed to choose your plan as per your choice.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Now, most importantly, check if your suggested domain name is available or not.
    Write the domain and check it
  • If, yes, clear the payments.

And you are all set to go!

Steps for Webmail IONOS Login

Follow the steps, if you want to access the 1and1 IONOS webmail account.

  • Click on the login menu.
  • Fill in your correct email address and Password.
  • Tap “Login.”

Now your account will appear on the screen.

Steps to Reset Your Password for IONOS Webmail –  If Required

Since we have numerous accounts on social media platforms that serve different purposes, it is possible to forget the password for any of them.

In case, you forget your password or your IONOS Webmail account gets hacked, you can recover your details by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official site of IONOS.
  • Navigate to the upper right corner and tap on Sign In.
    Sign In1
  • Click on “Forget your login details?
    Forget your login details
  • Enter your Customer ID email address, or domain, and tap on Request New Password.
    Enter the details2
  • Now, you will get a reset link.
  • Create a new password.
  • Click on Save Changes.

That’s it, now your password is updated. To avoid future inconvenience, note down your ionos email log in details somewhere, so you don’t forget them.

Reason Behind Webmail IONOS Login Confusion?

Even though webmail1&1 is popular amongst users, still there is a huge confusion regarding the official site URL and exact portal name. 

People search for 1and1 webmail login using different terms like login, 1 and 1 webmail email, webmail login URL, login, and more. The reason behind the confusion is the company’s multiple names and branding. For example– The service offered by 1&1 is IONOS and they are the same. 

So, people often think that these are all different sites. But, in a way, using various terms makes it easier and more useful to find the platform easily. Nevertheless, they all are identical and take you to the same webpage.

Steps to Configure Your Account with IONOS Webmail

You can configure your Outlook, Gmail, and other email services to work on it. This will further help you to keep your data handy and ready on your mobile devices to access it anywhere with an internet connection.

To set up your IONOS-specific or business email account with Microsoft Outlook.

Follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click on File and go to Account Information.
  • Click on Add Account to open the Add Account panel.
  • Fill in the login credentials.
  • Tap on the Next button.
  • Tick the box for the pop-up asking “Allow this website to configure, and tap on the Allow button.

Now, Outlook will automatically set up with new email settings. To complete the process, hit the Finish button at last.

Is Webmail1&1 Reliable?

IONOS is one of the largest hosting companies in Europe. It is a trusted platform for individuals or businesses seeking reliable and authentic web hosting, e-mail services, and more. 

Great customer support provides real people support for personalized assistance whenever needed. Security is ensured with strong privacy policies and powerful data protection. 

If the plan and its offerings meet your business demands, you can consider webmail IONOS 1&1 without any second thought.

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Wrapping Up

1&1 webmail is a great choice for individuals and small businesses seeking an affordable website solution that is easy to manage. However, it has unique features like powerful spam-building, live chat support, encryption of emails, and much more. Moreover, for security, it offers two-factor authentication.

An email with tremendous features is essential before stepping into the world of professionalism.

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Q. Are emails in IONOS secure?

Ans: Yes, emails are safe and secure, as they also won’t be able to read or decrypt your data.

Q. Do IONOS domains come with email?

Ans: The whole package comes with domain name and email.

Q. What does IONOS webmail offer between pop and IMAP?

Ans: You can operate it both ways. For Pop3, the address for the incoming mail server is and for IMAP it is

Q. What is the official website of 1 and 1 webmail email?

Ans: Search to land on the homepage of the website.