Many vendors offer desk booking software to manage and track reservations. To make your life easier, here are some of the top options:

A company that provides cutting-edge solutions for businesses is Cloudbooking. It has been in business for over 21 years and specializes in computer software and scheduling software. Gerry Brennan, founder, and CEO, is based in London, England. The company employs from 25 to 100 people and has annual revenue ranging from 100K to 5.0M. Here are some of its key features and benefits. All of its features are built on the premise of a secure cloud environment.

Cloudbooking offers a robust suite of features, including a hot desk booking system, different desk types, occupancy sensors, QR code check-in/check-out capabilities, and digital signage. It is available in several languages and integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook. It is also compatible with Google Workspace and Azure. Cloudbooking desk booking software is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Office, ForgeRock, and Microsoft SharePoint. If you are looking for desk booking software visit this website

Envoy Desks

Envoy Desks, a new desk booking software, is now available to all companies. The software helps companies meet social distancing guidelines and optimize space. The demand for hot desks is on the rise, with 48% of employees wanting to work on-site one to four days a week. This innovative desk booking software works with your office space management system to automate desk reservations, alert users about deliveries, and attest to your physical health before entering your office.

The software is available for both Mac and Windows users. To use Envoy, simply log into your Envoy account, select a desk, and then choose the location of the desk that you want to book. When you’ve selected a desk, you can receive an automated email informing employees of their reservations. Once your employees have booked their desk, they can begin their workday. As long as they have enough time to book it, you’ll have an extra desk for them to use.


Unlike many other desk reservation systems, SpaceIQ is designed for the convenience of employees. With its employee-friendly design, employees can make reservations and check their confirmations via a mobile application. The app can also be set to receive push notifications, which makes it easy for employees to keep track of their reservations. The system has been designed around three key principles: flexibility, control, and ease of use. It helps your employees feel confident and empowered to make decisions that will benefit their work and their company.

The software is built to handle the challenges and complexities of today’s modern workplace. It is capable of managing all aspects of the workplace from room availability to time and day-to-day operations. Its comprehensive suite of workplace administration tools provides valuable information about how people use and fill workspaces. For instance, a single click can automatically schedule meetings and monitor room occupancy. It can also generate reports on employee productivity and efficiency. In addition, SpaceIQ offers the option of using a self-service portal for staff and clients.


If you are a business owner and would like to streamline your office space, you can start by using a desk booking software like Teem. This software makes it easy to find a desk that fits your space needs. It also gives you actionable insight into desk usage. You can find out which days are busier for your business and which ones are unused. Then, you can use the data to scale up or down.

Its user-friendly interface enables you to book workspaces on-demand and book them in advance. You can even use area displays to see which desks are available. This helps you plan your office space and save money. Moreover, this desk booking software allows you to make changes to your workspace based on your company’s needs. Teem’s flexible seating software is scalable, meaning it can be used for any size business.