Nowadays, millions of people are actively using the Gmail app as it is convenient and safe. Mostly, organizations use it for formal communications all over the world. But Gmail is more than just sending emails; there are many features and activities it offers to its users, such as Google meet, Google sheets, etc.

There are tons of applications available that make Gmail apps even better and increase your productivity by making your work simple. But choosing the right Gmail Mac client can be confusing so let’s understand the top thirteen best Gmail clients for mac and find out which one can be better according to your convenience. 

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How to Choose the Right Gmail Application

Though every app has multiple features, there’s no point if those features aren’t helpful to you. So, it’s essential to know what you expect from the application and then select the best one for you. Here are some suggestions for choosing the best Gmail client for Mac:

  • Price: There are tons of alternatives for great Gmail apps, but it is essential to plan your budget first and then go through the apps; otherwise, going against your budget to purchase an excellent app is also considered a loss.
  • Time-saving: If the application features sorting and checking your mail, it can help you in saving time and ignoring spam mail and it can be a great benefit for workaholics. So, make sure the app has this feature on.
  • Compatibility: If it isn’t compatible with your Mac, even the best email client for Mac won’t be able to give you a great Gmail experience. Because of this, you should always verify that your system architecture and version of macOS are both officially supported.
  • Features: The finest Gmail email clients for Mac are loaded with helpful features that are designed to make it easier for users to keep track of their inboxes, such as Clean Email, which helps to clean the inbox.
  • Multi-Device App: It’s vital to confirm that the email apps for mac function on multiple devices. A smooth experience across devices is what you desire. Therefore, make sure your email client has both a desktop and mobile version.
  • Easy to Use: If you cannot use the Gmail Mac app due to technical difficulties or for any other reason, it serves no purpose. The app must be adaptable and user-friendly as a result.
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Top Gmail Apps Names & Information

Once you are clear about the expectations you have from the Gmail app, let’s find out about the app’s pros, cons, and everything you need to know:


You may access your email directly from the Mac menu bar using the MailTab Gmail tool. As a result, it’s quite handy to check your email, and you don’t even need to open an application.


  • It is free of cost.
  • It is an easier way to check your Gmail from your mac.


  • It doesn’t have many features.
  • It is not a mobile app.

Boxy Suite


Another Gmail app for mac desktop is Boxy Suite software which fits with macOS just as seamlessly and is made to be as attractive and pixel-perfect as Apple’s own programs. To guarantee that emails always load instantly, this Gmail software for Mac can efficiently pre-load your mail accounts in the meantime.

Price: $39 a year.


  • Integrates multiple known google apps.
  • Great user interface design.


  • Free trial requires a user’s payment information.
  • It requires a subscription fee.

Kiwi For Gmail

This Google application for Mac is a separate interface for Google Mail and Google’s Office Suite and is considered one of the best email client for Gmail. It has a solid system that simply enables the usage of many accounts without any issues. It has two versions, i.e., business and personal.

Price of Business Version: $58.99 a year.


  • It is free for personal version users.
  • Seamless support for multiple accounts


  • The personal version is limited.
  • The business version is expensive.


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This app prioritizes your emails according to your interest and previous activity. Whether it’s personal, work-related, or promotional, it sorts all your emails. This app features a smart one-click reply that automates quick responses that you may click to send when a new email arrives.

You can also schedule an email to send at a later date through this application.

Price: Free Plan, $6.39 for the Premium Plan, or customized for Enterprise Plan.


  • It has multiple functions in one app.
  • It involves a free plan.


  • Premium plans are a bit costly.
  • You can’t change the color of some folders.

Go for Gmail

Go For Gmail acts as an external app that can be accessed from your Mac’s menu bar and is quite similar to the Gmail inbox that we all are familiar with.

This program is also available for Mac users to use in desktop and mobile modes. By default, the desktop mode displays your mailbox in a full-screen app.

In mobile mode, you can keep the compressed version of your inbox open on your screen while using other apps.

Price: Free


  • It is currently free.
  • It allows you to get a more controlled view of your inbox.


  • It is available only on the desktop.
  • There’s no running spell check.


Unibox Image

Unibox shows your emails based on the contacts rather than organizing them by subject, dates, or even individual emails.

The simple layout is quite similar to other messaging or texting apps in that all messages are arranged by contact, giving you a quick overview of your inbox.

One streamlined window allows you to carry on an email discussion, preview attachments, and view all prior emails you’ve sent to a contact. 

Price: $15.99


  • It is intuitive to use.
  • A free trial is available.


  • It takes time to get used to.
  • After the free trial, paid subscription begins.

Canary Mail

Another best Gmail desktop client is Canary mail, which deals with the users’ two top concerns, i.e., security and privacy. Along with excellent security protections, Canary also features a fantastic design and other features like smart tagging, natural language search, a bulk inbox cleaner, etc.

Price: $20


  • It is available on mobile as well.
  • It offers multiple features.


  • This app is not free.
  • Prices are a little steep. 

Mozilla Thunderbird

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It’s clear from the design that Mozilla Thunderbird is an older email client than many others. Although it doesn’t have the same sleek design as other apps and occasionally feels clumsy, it doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.

It still has several excellent features, such as the capacity to tag and arrange emails.

There are numerous excellent advantages here, like the calendar, chat, and email security features.

Price: Free


  • This app is free of cost.
  • It has multiple functions.


  • It is not modern looking like other apps.
  • It is not available on mobile.


It’s a native macOS client that gives you access to all of Gmail’s features with the simplicity and speed of a desktop application.

In addition to being safe, portable, and simple to use, it also offers a nice user interface. 

Price: Free during beta.


  • It is optimized for the latest versions of macOS.
  • It is highly intuitive.


  • It will not be free forever.
  • The inbox shows advertisement emails.

Mail for Gmail

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The fact that Mail for Gmail is simple to use and nicely integrated, makes it comparable to some of the top email programs for Android. In reality, it’s basically your familiar Gmail online app in desktop software form.

This software can display native system notifications when you receive a new message or add a badge dock icon with an unread email counter, just like all well-designed macOS desktop email clients.

Price: Free.


  • Familiar Gmail Experience.
  • It integrates with macOS.


  • It doesn’t provide much-added value.


Since Mailplane is a desktop application, you can access Gmail without opening a browser. One of the excellent benefits of this website is the ability to link multiple emails, eliminating the need to login in and out of various Gmail accounts in order to access your mailbox.

Additionally, you’ll get an editor that enables you to edit and shape linked photos in addition to an email notification that displays pop-ups in the corner of your screen as you receive new emails.

Price: Personal is $29.95, Family is $39.95


  • It has multiple functions.
  • It has package options.


  • It is costly.
  • It is not available on mobile.

Wavebox for Mac

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Wavebox will instantly import all your previously saved settings when you add your email. The Wavebox desktop program will also display any existing folders, labels, or shortcuts that you have.

If someone sends you a link, you can even open a website from within the app. It effortlessly opens in the same window. If you use a number of communication apps, this works really well. Since Wavebox works effectively as an all-inclusive work suite, even apps like Google Docs can be used.

Price: Wavebox basic is free; Wavebox pro starts from $8.32 per month on an annual plan.


  • It has subscription options.
  • It includes many functions.


  • It is unavailable on mobile.
  • Wavebox basic is limited.


Shift is remarkably similar to Wavebox. By keeping you logged into all of your accounts and allowing you to close out of the numerous tabs that plague modern workspaces, it seeks to provide a means for you to clean your desktop and browser.

Price: Basic is free for only two Gmail accounts; Advanced starts from $99.99 per annum for unlimited accounts.


  • The layout and speed of its platform are great.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Advanced Shift subscription is expensive.
  • Basic is limited to only two accounts.

Five Advantages of Using Gmail and Gmail Apps for Work



Gmail is useful in many ways for business communications and using the most suitable Gmail app that can be customized according to your team’s requirements is a far better option.

Huge Storage Space-

Without a doubt, Google provides a lot of storage. However, using a good Gmail app may boost the storage capacity, allowing you to store more emails or emails containing large files without being constrained by the amount of room on a hard drive or corporate server.

Backup Security-

Your crucial emails and drafts are always kept with the help of cloud storage, so you don’t have to be concerned about losing them. Business conversations and documents are mostly kept as proof for future use.

Work Sync-

With Google Apps, you can drop all the other systems you were using and concentrate all of your business efforts on a single, well-rounded product. Google Apps sync across your email, and Google Drive with your documents in it.

 Minimal Learning Curve-

Gmail is easy to use and almost everyone is aware of it. But using the best Gmail application is also flexible to adapt for a team because good applications always make sure that the user can easily learn to use it.


It’s never about choosing the best of all but matching your requirements and expectations from the app with its features and usage to make the chosen app the best one and increase your productivity. 

Hopefully, this article could help you in selecting the perfect Gmail Application among the thirteen apps given and provide you with all the information about it.