OST PST Converter

Do you know that OST (Offline Storage Tables) serves as a saviour in the absence of an internet connection to exchange server mailbox folders when the internet is unavailable? It ensures you can continue using your mailbox accessing in offline mode. 

OST files are usually unaffected by the outer disturbances, but the inaccessibility of OST data hampers routine business operations. By troubleshooting inaccessible OST, you can have access to the data very easily and for this OST PST conversion is the best method. 

Let’s dive deeper and find out what are the top effective ways to convert OST to PST data in Outlook 365, either by implementing manual procedures or with the help of automated tools. 

Utilize the Outlook Archive Feature 

This is an effective method for copying and moving mailbox items to PST. This is an impressive method for converting all the items of the OST mailbox to the PST format. 

To move the other items except for contacts, you can follow the steps explained here to archive files from OST to PST with the help of archive settings present in Microsoft:- 

  1. Launch your MS Outlook and click on the File tab
    Launch MS Outlook & click the file tab
  1. Now click on the Archive option. 
    Click the Archive option 
  1. Pick the folder you want to add to the archive. 
    Pick Folder
  1. Browse the location where you need to save the archived file. 
     Add location to save
  1. Now, tap on the OK button. 
     Click on OK 

🏓 Note
You cannot achieve the contacts using this feature, whereas the rest of the mailbox items can move successfully. 

Implement Drag and Drop Mailbox Items

To execute this method, first you need to create a blank file in MS Outlook and then click. Drag the desired items in the newly created PST file from the OST mailbox. 

Also, some limitations associated with this method of OST PST conversion is that you need to repetitively do this process for every individual item in which you need to be very attentive. 

Besides this, you cannot directly transfer the default folders like calendar, contacts, inbox, etc. without creating a new PST file for managing the entire data in an organized manner. 

Try Outlook Import and Export Wizard

This is an excellent method for OST PST conversion file format in Outlook 2010. The steps to take using these methods include selecting the desired migrating OST data to Excel and CSV file format. Because it is a manual technique, hence, it requires some effort and time. 

To know more readFree Steps to Convert OST to PST File

Some limitations when you implement manual techniques for OST PST conversion include:

  1. Impossible recovery of orphaned Outlook OST files: – No manual method supports the conversion of orphaned OST files. Since files that are connected to the Exchange server can be converted, so, it is impossible to convert orphaned Outlook OST files when the Exchange server crashes. 
  1. Requires technical expertise: –Manual methods can be best if you are technically efficient, experienced in using Outlook, and know techniques for data migration. 

📓 Note:-Orphaned OST files are those that are not associated with your Exchange server. 

This is how you utilize import export wizard there are certain constraints associated with such methods. Therefore, it is best to back up the OST file before initiating the export process so that, in case of any data loss, you can restore it from your backup storage. 

Use Stellar Converter for OST

If you want to convert  orphaned OST files, you must consider the professional, automatic third-party OST PST converter tool. It converts exchange OST mailboxes to Outlook-supported PST files along with splitting and compacting the mailboxes. 

This makes it easy to manage and organize them. Also, helpful to t. Furthermore, with this, you can maintain the security, integrity, and structure of the folders. 

To carry out the OST PST conversion, follow the steps explained here:-

  1. Go to download and install the Stellar Converter for OST tool.
    stellar conversion tool
  1. Select the Outlook data file or you can choose the Profile List or Choose the mailbox manually for uploading the OST file at the tool’s panel. 
  1. Click on the Convert button to start scanning and get the free preview of OST mailbox items. 
    Click the Convert button 
  1. Select the PST option under the Save As from the dialog box. 
    Choose .pst option 
  1. Click on Browse to provide the storage location under the destination path section 

💡 Tip:- 
In case, you do not know the exact location of the file, click the Find Outlook File button. 
You can save exchange OST mailboxes in multiple formats such as MSG, HTML, EML, PDF, and RTF. 
The time taken by the tool to scan the file is directly proportional to the volume of data that it incorporates. 

Final Words

Converting OST to PST in Outlook 365 offers several methods, each with its pros and cons. The options include utilizing the Outlook Archive Feature, Drag and Drop Mailbox Items, the Outlook Import and Export Wizard, and leveraging professional tools like Stellar Converter for OST.

Manual method has its limitations, such as potential data loss, accessibility issues, or technical expertise requirements. Users should weigh these limitations against their specific needs and consider using professional tools for efficiency and data integrity.

Ultimately, while manual methods exist, employing third-party tools like Stellar Converter for OST may provide a more reliable and comprehensive solution for efficient OST to PST conversion in Outlook 365.