If you’re looking for an email without phone number verification, know that there are many popular email services out there with attractive user interfaces, excellent security with end-to-end encryption, free iOS and Android apps that don’t require a phone number!

This means to avoid giving your phone number for verification; you do not need to use a questionable email provider. So, what are you waiting for? Let us find out the top 15 email providers that allow you to sign up and create an account without providing a phone number—

Why Do So Many Email Providers Want Your Phone Number?

Over the years, it has been observed that email services now ask for phone numbers for verification, unlike earlier.

You must have thought, why?

So here are the three main reasons why an email provider might want your phone number when you set up an email account—

  1. For Verification
  2. For Two-factor Authentication,
  3. For Account Recovery

In other words, this means that it is likely due to the amount of spam email that we all receive; most email services now ask for your phone number.

Although it does add a layer of security for the company, giving out phone numbers to them is basically no good to us.

In fact, providers asking for a phone number can be a deterrent, making us think twice before signing up.

Therefore, most people look for an email provider that does not ask for a phone number for verification.

What Are the Best Free Email Providers That Don’t Need a Phone Number?

As already mentioned, there are many quality email providers with beautiful User interfaces, amazing security with end-to-end encryption, and iOS and Android apps, yet they are free and don’t require a phone number!

However, finding the best among them can be a really daunting task. But not to worry, as we are here to accomplish this task.

So, welcome to our list of the top 11 free email services that don’t ask for your phone number to register for it!

Top 11 Free Email Providers That Don’t Need a Phone Number


Link to Sign up on MAIL.COM: Click here

  • An alternate email is required to sign up if not the phone number.
create gmail account

The first email service provider on the list that needs no introduction is Gmail. 

So, coming straight to the point, earlier, Google allowed you to create a Gmail account without a phone number, which has been changed due to security reasons. 

But it is obvious that due to various reasons, we sometimes need to create a Gmail account without a phone number. Hence, now it lets you skip the phone number verification and this is one of the many reasons why it is still the preferred email client of the majority. 

However, if you haven’t used your email account in a while and have lost your password (Because it will rather send the ‘reset your password link’ to your phone number, and not to your email address), Gmail asks for a phone number as a backup. So, be sure either to remember the password or connect a backup file/ recovery email.

G-mail is user-friendly and easy to operate.It offers great features and functions (i.e., filters, auto-responses, labeling, and more!) 99.9% spam protectionIt gives you lots of space; you can store/archive everything you want.Easily accessible from any PC, Laptop, iPhone/iPad, or any mobile device connected to the Internet
May not work seamlessly with some of your other desktop software or enterprise applicationsYou cannot ‘back up’ or download your email box.Some important emails are sent directly to the spam folderGmail collects mail from your hosting server and may not fetch emails as fast as you’d like! No customer support; if you get stuck, you have to work on your own There is no option to store my email in off-site storage.
  1. MAIL.COM:
Sign up on MAIL

Link to Sign up on MAIL.COM: Click here

  • Attachments up to 30MB
  • Total 65 GB storage for free users
  • An alternate email is also required to sign up

Second on our list is Mail.com. This Germany-based email service provider lets you create an email account without asking for your phone number verification.

And the best part is that signing up with Mail.com is easy. All you have to do is enter your name, desired email address, security question, and password. After that, within 2-3 minutes, you will have an email account, and that too without giving your phone number!

Do note, however, that they have a 65GB storage limit for free users, and the maximum allowed file attachment size is just 30 MB.

While this may seem like a drawback, benefits such as two-factor authentication (2FA), free Android and iOS apps, and a free online office suite far outweigh the drawbacks.

On top of that, their servers are also quite fast and reliable. So, it’s no wonder why Mail.com has been one of the personal favorites of many people ever since.

2 GB storageManage multiple accountsSend large files up to 50MBSpam filter and virus protectionOnline CalendarChoose from over 200 unique domain names such as mail.com, consultant.com, accountant.com, etc.Available on smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
You must have an existing email account for verification. The only two verification options are email or SMS.Advertisements will be displayed. While you can opt-out, in some cases, opting out is based on the device you’re using. However, to avoid it completely, you can upgrade to their premium service.Depending on your email usage, you may soon need more space.
Sign up on TUTANOTA

Link to Sign up on TUTANOTA: Click here

  • 1GB of storage space

Third, we have Tutanota on the list. Tutanota is a great free email service provider with complete end-to-end encryption. It offers free anonymous sign-up means if you sign up on it, of course, no phone number verification is required.

The better part about Tutanota on one hand, is that it is encrypted; this adds another layer of security. On the other hand, the best part is that it does not contain any ads. 

To mention more, Tutanota has great security features. It’s open source and funded by donations and premium accounts (Tutanota’s premium accounts are very affordable, you can have one for only 1 euro per month). This is a good step to make sure their systems are secure and can be independently reviewed by anyone.

Now, the downside is that the Tutanota servers are located in Germany, so they fall under EU jurisdiction, unlike ProtonMail (servers in Switzerland). Also, its free plan only has 1GB of storage. But, if we look at it from another angle, that should be enough for non-media-heavy emails.

It offers end-to-end AES encryption, which keeps your data secure.It provides free and open-source projects with easy registration.It has a no-logs policy for added privacy.Its premium plans start at €1 per month and go up from there.Tutanota apps are available for iOS, Android, and desktop platforms, and are compatible with multiple devices.
The free version of Tutanota only provides 1 GB of storage space.PGP and IMAP are incompatible.Its storage plans are not cheap.It does not support the auto-response feature.
  1. GMX MAIL:
Sign up on GMX MAIL

Link to Sign up on GMX MAIL: Click here

  • Up to 50MB attachments
  • An alternate email is required to sign up

When talking about free email services, how can one forget to mention GMX! GMX, also known as Global Mail Exchange, is a free advertising-supported email service operated by a listed company in Germany called GMX.

This email provider is quite reliable, having been in operation since 1997. In addition, the downside to note here is that while you don’t need a phone number to register, you still need an alternate email address for security reasons. Also, it doesn’t state any storage restrictions. There is an attachment limit of 50MB.

But the good thing is that not only does GMX Mail use an SSL connection to send an email, it also protects you from spam mail.

The User Interface is simple and easy.There are apps for both Android and iOS smartphones.Up to 65 GB of free cloud storage is available &It supports IMAP4 and POP3 protocols.
Registering on GMX requires a second email address.The Service contains advertisements.Offer email sign up without the need for a phone number.

Link to Sign up on PROTONMAIL: Click here

  • Up to 500 MB of storage space
  • Can only send 150 emails a day.

The next email service that allows you to sign up without providing your phone number is ProtonMail.

This Switzerland-based email provider is considered to be one of the most popular services for offering free email accounts with 500MB storage and 150 emails a day. Furthermore, if you opt for its premium account, you can get up to 5 GB of storage and send 1,000 emails per day.

While it doesn’t sound very exciting, ProtonMail has one great feature that most other email providers don’t have! Wonder what? Well, it’s ‘Encryption.’ 

The ability to send highly secure end-to-end encrypted emails is the main selling point of the ProtonMail service.

With this feature, you can send people password-protected encrypted emails that will expire/self-destruct after 28 days (although you can change the expiration time to your liking).

To mention more, their servers (owned by ProtonMail to avoid using third parties) are located in Switzerland, where no US or EU jurisdiction applies. So, if you value privacy and security, it’s no wonder why ProtonMail should be on your top choice list.

Quickly lets you set up an account.Very focused on privacy.500MB storage available.Maximum limit of 150 messages in a day.Let you create encrypted and auto-expiring email messages.iOS and Android apps available with browser access.
It does not have any additional features other than email.No recovery option other than your alternate recovery email account.It also has limited storage; however, with a premium account, you will get more storage, filters, labels, and use of your own domain name.
Sign up on YANDEX Mail

Link to Sign up on YANDEX Mail: Click here

  • Phone number may actually be required during further sign-ins

Another excellent email service that doesn’t require a phone number is a Russian-based company called Yandex. 

Yandex is a Russian Internet products and services provider, email being one of those services. This Russian email service gives you a free email address in exchange for your phone number. However, Yandex does ask for your phone number, so you can skip it. To avoid sharing your mobile number, you just need to select the option ‘I do not have a mobile phone’ during the registration process.

Furthermore, a Yandex email address is private and accessible only to you and can be used to create a Yandex Webmaster account.

In addition, it offers a well-designed user interface, good security, virus protection, keyboard shortcuts, and more. On top of that, when it comes to storage, Yandex Mail offers up to 10 GB for free, isn’t it amazing?

A phone number is not required to use the service.Provides up to 10 GB of free cloud storage.Includes a language translator.It has a built-in antivirus &It protects your email accounts from spam and fraud.
Only a few language interfaces are available.When typing letters, no formatting toolbar is available.

Link to Sign up on GUERRILLA MAIL: Click here

  • Not a permanent email
  • Up to 150MB attachment limit

If you want a completely anonymous email, create an email that is temporary at Guerrillamail.com. This is a unique platform that provides you with a disposable email address account. A disposable account means an account that you can use and let go of.

The advantage of this is that you have more security with no follow backs because you dispose of the email account after you use it. So, if you decide to sign up on Guerrillamail.com, you have less to worry about spam and privacy.

This is a temporary email address.Emails are automatically deleted, after one hour.A phone number is not required to sign up.Each email address allows users to attach up to 150 MB of files, meaning users can upload files up to 150 MB in size.
Not offering a permanent emailAnyone with your email ID can access your email.
Sign up on EMAIL ON DECK

Link to Sign up on EMAIL ON DECK: Click here

  • Not a permanent email

Next on the list is Email on Deck. This email provider is an alternative to Guerrilla Mail. To use this platform, you need to create a dispose-off email address and verify that you are not a bot.

The advantage of using this service is that it ensures that your personal information is secure by staying away from spam. 

A phone number is not required to sign up.EmailOnDeck supports multiple languages.You will not compromise your personal and sensitive information.Free and fast, temporary email in 2 easy steps.Protect your privacy by not allowing spam into your personal inbox.Email continues to be securely deleted.
It may prompt you to implement a list and send messages with addresses that may have already expired and do not exist. If the message successfully reaches the recipient’s inbox, chances are less to engage the recipient.Your emails may also reach the filtered folder, where users will most likely ignore your ads until they expire.
Sign up on MAILNESIA

Link to Sign up on MAILNESIA: Click here

  • Public email addresses
  • Receiving only

Mailnesia Mailing Service is another unique email service that includes many features such as multiple text encodings, different domain names, one RSS channel for each inbox, HTML support, and the ability to specify different aliases for each inbox.

But mainly the catch is that it lets you create email addresses without phone number verification.

Not only does it provide you the service of generating an anonymous email without revealing your original email but also supports multiple text encodings and using multiple domains.

Simply put, Mailnesia is one such email provider that allows you to create an anonymous email address that is disposable within seconds. So, it would not be wrong to say that, it is a secure email that does not require any phone verification, and whatever email address you create, is disposable after use. 

Overall, it’s just an email that works safely so far without spam, registration, and passwords.

No registration is required for the service.A disposable email address is provided.It offers HTML support, RSS channels for each inbox, optional domains, and many other features as well.
Email could not be sent &All available email addresses are public.

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Sign up on TEMPINBOX

Link to Sign up on TEMPINBOX: Click here

  • Public email addresses, 
  • not sending rather receiving only.

TempInBox is another popular free email service that users can join without having to verify their phone numbers. 

The best thing about using TempInBox mailing service as a preferred email service is that it gives you an anonymous email when you don’t want to reveal your real email and still want to send some important emails to the recipient. 

So, if you want to sign up for Temp Mail for free, know that the account creation process is simple and quick. Moreover, the catch about TempInBox is that you can only receive emails and not send them. This is especially useful if you don’t want to provide your original email address when registering on a website.

It creates a one-time use email address.A phone number is not required to sign up for TempInBox.It offers spam filters that are used to filter out unwanted emails.
Users can only receive email and cannot send.Compared to other services, the servers are slow.Anyone can view your inbox because your email address is public.
Sign up on MAILFENCE

Link to Sign up on MAILFENCE: Click here

  • Only Up to 500 MB of storage space available 
  • It requires an alternate email for verification

Finally, we have Mailfence on the list. Mailfence allows you to create anonymous accounts.

This email service is unique in the fact that it provides a private and secure encrypted email account free from intrusive ads, tracking, backdoors, and surveillance.

On Mailfence, you sign up without a phone number and enjoy all the benefits while worrying less about your data and privacy.

Overall, it not only secures your email from any third party, but it also gives you the privilege of sending anonymous emails. Therefore, making MailFence your email client of choice, where you can sign up without providing a phone number would not be a bad idea.

It supports cryptography.Make sure that no third party has access to your data.Provides end-to-end encryption.Allows you to access additional features with paid subscriptions such as aliases and additional email domains.
An existing email is required to sign up and activate MailFence.

What to Look for When Setting Up an Email Account Without a Phone Number?

There is also a range of different factors to consider when it comes to finding a provider that offers email without a phone number. Knowing this, we also considered email providers that do not require a phone number based on the following—

  • Reputation: Check whether the service is prone to a sudden termination. If so, isn’t it a waste of all the time and energy you put into setting up and adding accounts?
  • Features: Find out what features the email provider offers such as whether there is spam filtering, integrations, custom domains, backups, etc.?
  • Security: You should know beforehand what kind of security the service provides like is it end-to-end encrypted?
  • Support: Think if something goes wrong (or you just need to learn a little more), is it easy to get information or ask questions?
  • Price: Calculate, how much the cost of the service, and are there different packages available?

Now, with these criteria in mind, let’s take a look at four of the most popular providers that let you create an email account without a phone number—

  1. Gmail – Set Up an Email Account Without a Phone Number

From a security perspective, Gmail is not actually end-to-end encrypted but provides encryption in transit using TLS. It offers amazing features like Filters, Smart Compose, Reminders, calendars, and much more. However, some features, such as custom domains, are only available on paid accounts. 

Google will let you skip the part about entering a phone number when creating an account. However, you’ll still need to provide a birthday and gender. So, let’s see step-by-step how you can create an account on Gmail without entering a phone number—

  • Step 1: Go to ‘Gmail.com’.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Create Account’.
  • Step 3: Follow the steps like entering your ‘Birthday and Gender.’
  • Step 4: After that, ‘Skip the Phone Number’ part.
  • Step 5: Then, agree to the ‘Google Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.

Now that you know the process of creating an account on Gmail, it’s time to look at its pricing model. Therefore, in terms of pricing, let us tell you that Google offers personal Gmail accounts for free, while those looking for extended features or business email (with custom domains) will need to upgrade to Google Workspace. 

Regarding the latter, let us tell you that it has four main plans—

Plan NamePriceDescription
Business Starter$6 USD/user/monthThis plan provides custom business email, 100-participant video meetings, and 30 GB of cloud storage per user.
Business Standard$12 USD/user/monthThis plan increases video meeting participants to 150, as well as increases recording and storage to 2TB per user.
Business Plus$18 USD/user/monthThis plan increases video meetings to 500, storage up to 5 TB, plus offers other advanced features.
EnterpriseCustom pricingOffers flexible features for large organizations.
  1. Tutanota – Email Without a Phone or Even Backup Email Account!

Tutanota is a security-first email provider that boasts itself as the world’s most secure email service. Launched in 2011, it hasn’t had time to build a really strong reputation but is still considered a preferred choice of many for its security.

The best thing about using Tutanota is that if you lose your login credentials, then, to bypass the need for a phone, Tutanota gives you a recovery code. That way, the account doesn’t become part of your digital footprint and stays secure.

Moreover, in terms of features, Tutanota offers full customization with smart filtering, aliases, custom domains, encrypted calendars, and Whitelabel options on paid accounts.

Additionally, in terms of support, there is an ample knowledge base and extensive FAQ, and email support for the paid plans.

Furthermore, since Tutanota is based in Germany, it must comply with strict EU privacy and personal data laws.

Overall, with end-to-end encryption, 2FA, and open-source code, Tutanota really shines when it comes to security.

If after reading all this you want to create an account on Tutanota, doing so is as easy as following these steps—

  • Step 1: Launch your preferred web browser and go to ‘https://mail.tutanota.com/signup.’
  • Step 2: There, choose the ‘Free Plan’ option.
  • Step 3: Then, create a ‘Username’ and set a ‘Password’ as prompted. 
  • Step 4: Next, provide a ‘Recovery Key.’ 
  • Step 5: After that, agree to ‘General Terms and Conditions’ as well as confirm you’re ‘16 years of age or older,’ and you’re done.

Now, talking about the price, the base price of Tutanota is categorized into the following—

Plan NamePriceDescription
FreeThis plan is suitable for personal users, with 1GB of storage, one calendar, and no custom domains.
Premium €1 EUR/user/month paid yearlyThis includes 1GB of storage, multiple calendars, 5 alias addresses, inbox rules, email support, and 1 custom domain.
Teams€4 EUR/month paid yearly then €2 EUR for each userThis includes 10GB of storage, multiple calendars, 5 alias addresses, inbox rules, email support, and 1 custom domain.

In addition, there is also business pricing which is also classified into—

Plan NamePriceDescription
Premium€2 EUR/user/month paid yearlyThis includes 1GB of storage, multiple calendars, 5 alias addresses, autoresponders, inbox rules, multiple custom domains, email support, email templates, and event invitations.
Teams€5 EUR/month paid yearly, then €3 EUR for each userThis includes 10GB of storage, multiple calendars, 5 alias addresses, autoresponders, inbox rules, multiple custom domains, email support, email templates, and event invitations.
Pro €7 EUR/month paid yearly, then €4 EUR for each userThis includes 10GB of storage, multiple calendars, 20 alias addresses, autoresponders, inbox rules, multiple custom domains, priority support, event invitations, and email templates, own website login, custom logo, and colors.

Not just that, there are also add-ons for additional storage, aliases, and features.

  1. Protonmail – Secure Email Address Without a Phone

Another security-focused email service provider with quite a good reputation is ProtonMail. It allows you to create an email address without a phone number verification. If more are mentioned, this email provider has the features you’d expect but keeps them very limited for free accounts.

In terms of security, it is extremely strong with 2FA authentication, end-to-end encryption, and anonymous email accounts. Not only that, but it also complies with the strict privacy protection laws of Switzerland, where it is based.

And as far as support goes, ProtonMail offers online resources as well as a support team for more help.

So, having account on ProtonMail will not let you down, and here is how you can sign up for ProtonMail without phone number verification—

  • Step 1: Go to ‘https://proton.me/mail.’
  • Step 2: There, you can choose the ‘Free plan’ option.
  • Step 3: After that, create a ‘Username and Password’ for your ProtonMail account.
  • Step 4: And, finally enter ‘Recovery email’ (although, it is optional).

ProtonMail has four tiers of pricing, they are as listed— 

Plan NamePriceDescription
FreeThis includes 500MB storage, 150 messages a day, and limited support.
PLUS$4 USD/monthThis includes 5 GB of storage, up to 1000 messages per day, custom filters and folders, up to 5 email aliases, custom domains, end-to-end encrypted messages to external recipients, and priority customer support.
Visionary$24 USD/monthThis includes 20GB of storage, up to 50 email aliases, support for up to 10 domains, multi-user support (6 in total), custom filters and folders, early access to new features, end-to-end encrypted messages to external recipients, and ProtonVPN Reach.
Professional$6.25 USD/month/userThis includes custom domains, security controls, unlimited user support, migration tools, administrative controls, and primary support.
  1. Mailfence – A Simple Way to Create New Emails Without a Phone Number

You may not know that Mailfence started out as an email solution for universities in the 90s, so it has a long-standing reputation. However, in terms of features and user interface, it is rather basic with messaging, calendar, document storage, and groups.

But what it lacks in modern form, it more than makes up for in security with support for end-to-end encrypted messages as well as support for any OpenPGP service, digitally signed email, and OpenPGP key management (built right in). 

Furthermore, Mailfence, being a Belgium-based platform, complies with its strict privacy protection laws. So, if all of this tempts you to sign up to Mailfence, just follow these steps—

  • Step 1: Open your respective web browser and go to this ‘https://mailfence.com/en/sign_up/’ link.
  • Step 2: There, enter your details such as;
    • Your name 
    • Your Last Name
    • Username
  • Step 3: After that, type in a ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm’ it for your Mailfence email account.
  • Step 4: Once you’ve confirmed your password, enter a ‘Recovery Email Address’ for activation of your account and you’re done!

Now note that Mailfence offers the following four main pricing plans when creating an email address without a phone number—

Plan NamePriceDescription
Free500MB email, 500MB documents, end-to-end encryption, and knowledge base support.
Entry2.50€/month5 GB email, 10 aliases, end-to-end encryption, 12 GB documents, priority email and telephone support, POP, IMAP, SMTP, iOS, Android, ActiveSync, custom email domains, and user management.
Pro7.50 €/month20 GB email, 50 aliases, end-to-end encryption, 24 GB documents, priority email and telephone support, POP, IMAP, SMTP, iOS, Android, ActiveSync, custom email domains and user management.
Ultra25.00 €/month50 GB email, 100 aliases, end-to-end encryption, 70 GB documents, priority email and telephone support, POP, IMAP, SMTP, iOS, Android, ActiveSync, custom email domains, and user management.


Due to increasing security standards it is difficult to find an email provider that does not require a phone number for verification. But not anymore!

Now, with this list of 11 email providers, anyone can quickly set up an email account that provides both security and privacy.

These 11 email providers allow you to set up an email account without a phone number, and provide a safe, secure, and extremely powerful productivity management app with it. So, we hope you can now find an email provider (of your liking) that’s feature-rich while still maintaining your online privacy.


Q: What is ESP?

Ans: An (ESP) known as Email Service Provider provides services for sending and receiving emails. While on one hand, good ESPs help you create email templates, manage your contact lists, and send and track your campaigns at scale, on the other hand, an advanced email service provider offers the following features—

  • Dynamic content in the email.
  • Email and marketing automation.
  • Email without phone number.
  • Lead Capture Form.
  • Website Tracking.

Q: What are the best email services that do not require phone number verification?

Ans: The below listed are some of the best email services that do not require phone number verification—

  1. GMX Mail
  2. Tutanota
  3. ProtonMail
  4. Mail.com
  5. TempInBox
  6. Mailinator
  7. EmailOnDeck
  8. Mailnesia
  9. Guerrilla Mail
  10. Yandex Mail

Q: How to turn off password protection for every message on Tutanota?

Ans: By default, on Tutanota, every message is password secured, and a password must be known to both the user and the sender.  To turn off this feature either temporarily or always and send messages that don’t require a password—

  • Temporarily off: When sending an email, click the small red ‘Lock’ icon.
  • Always off: Settings > Email > Default Delivery > set to ‘Not confidential’.

Q: Can I make an email without a phone number?

Ans: Adding your personal phone number to any random email client is equivalent to adding unwanted stress to your life. So, yes, you can create an email without a phone number. Note, however, that most popular email providers nowadays require a phone number for verification and to protect against abuse. Nevertheless, there are several popular email providers out there (mentioned in this article) as well that allow you to create an email address without an associated phone number.

Q: Is it easy to create an email account without a phone number?

Ans: The matter of creating an email address without a phone number is very important for those who do not want to provide a phone number when signing up. So, let us tell you that trying to create an email account without a phone number is quite challenging.

Q: Can I create a Gmail account without a phone number?

Ans: Yes, you can create Gmail accounts without a phone number. Although, Google strongly encourages you to provide a phone number to enable certain features such as password recovery or verification codes; you can skip the phone number part in the wizard and then, agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Q: How do I set up a Gmail account without having to verify my number?

Ans: If you want to create a Gmail account without verifying your number, then know that you can do so in several ways—

  • One option is that you can opt out of providing a phone number for verification no matter how you join up. 
  • Another option is to enter 15 as your age. This is because Gmail will then assume that you do not yet have your mobile number. 

However, you need to keep in mind that while these processes work, the Gmail app may ask for your phone number if you sign in on a different computer or if you sign in a second time. To avoid this, add a new email address for verification before signing in again so that it asks for that address. In this regard, consider this trick of – adding a 15-year-old email to the mix, and you’re good to go!

Q: How can I get a free email account without giving out my phone number?

Ans: There are several popular email services that allow you to create an email account without requiring you to verify your phone number. The list of top-15 email providers has already been mentioned above in this article.