Emails have changed the way of communication in society by reducing the dependency on the traditional mail system. Being an effective, fast, and paperless mode of communication, an email cannot vanish in thin air as they are recorded. It can be sent from one-to-many persons at a time, increasing a person’s productivity. Nowadays, email clients have taken the efficiency of an email to another level. So, if you are an employee, you can maintain a record of essential clients and set your work schedule with an effective email client, and nothing can help you better than EssentialPIM in this regard.

Not only is EssentialPIM a valuable email client, but it also serves as a personal organizer as an added feature.

Let us look at its abundant features in detail to prove its worth for employees looking to increase their productivity.

A Quick Check on Communication Through a Simplified Email Module

Simplified Email Module

Handling multiple mail accounts has never been an easy task, especially when an employee and you have to keep records of each business mail from your boss or clients. EssentialPIM encompasses all your multiple email accounts under a single ‘All inboxes’ folder, ensuring you do not miss even one conversation. It also works seamlessly with all the leading email protocols like IMAP, Exchange, and POP3. The Classic, Wide, Vertical, etc., view from the layout menu makes your email look more sorted and personalized based on your own taste and preference, and the Pro version lets you send newsletters to multiple contacts in a single go, bagging a lot more time for you.

Based on your daily activity, the spam filtering tool in EssentialPIM masters itself to assist better in the longer run. There are options like PGP encryption, tagging, and categorizing along with the facility of Archiving important messages. You can also convert any email to an appointment/note/task as per your preference.    

Do Not Miss an Important Date with Calendar Module

Calendar Module

Scheduling your days, weeks, months, and years was never as seamless as with EPIM. As per your requirement, you can alter categories to keep track of your junior’s performance. Enhance your efficiency as an employee and never miss an appointment or meeting with your boss or team members, as EPIM will give you timely reminders. You can also toggle between previous and upcoming dates with the Advanced Go-To-Date feature that prepares you for the forthcoming meeting. 

EssentialPIM also provides better integration with the weather forecast to keep you well informed whether you need to carry an umbrella or a sun cap if you have a meeting outside your office premises.  

Remember Essential Details of Clients Through Contacts Module

Contacts Module

As an employee, you must have various people to meet except your boss, like subordinates, juniors, clients, etc., to discuss a schedule or for a casual meeting. With EPIM, you can ditch your contacts diary and keep a record of all your important contacts without worrying about losing them. You can group them too if you feel two connections belong to the same category. The search fields include details like the first name, email address, contact number, and many more to give you a sorted response in a single click. The Contacts module in EssentialPIM also lets you send newsletters directly to your contacts.  

Schedule Your Daily Management with Tasks Module

Tasks Module

The Tasks module in EPIM lets you manage your tasks and monitor your progress daily by showing the percentage of completed tasks. If you had a rough day and cannot finish a job, it is automatically shifted to the next day until it gets completed. As an employee, you can mark your progress through tabs of the start date, percentage of tasks completed, due date, etc. 

Alternatively, you can monitor the development of the tasks assigned to your team members and give them clear instructions to follow through with Notes in Tasks. There are many view options for your Tasks like Tree, Consolidated, Kanban board, etc., to choose as per your preference. If you have many tasks related to the same due date, you can also group them. The upcoming Tasks are never left unseen with the taskbar present in the Today, Calendar, and Mail modules. The ”Convert To” option is just a right-click away if you wish to change tasks to notes at any time.

Make Automatic Entries Through Notes Module

Notes Module

Taking notes and managing them to keep them secured is a primary task. However, with EPIM, it is just a Notes Module away. If you have the habit of leaving your desk from time to time to take calls or for a random walk to take a break from work, you can set the notes to Public or Private to maintain their secrecy. If you wish to recall essential data just before a meeting, make a sticky note and place it on your desktop’s screen. 

Add a date, time, or even group sticky notes adhering to the same event with the Ctrl+space shortcut. You can also convert your Notes to Tasks/Appointments by hitting the ”Convert To” option on a right-click. 

Safely Save Your Data Through the Passwords Module

Passwords Module

As a reputed employee, you must have sensitive company data in your hands. In such a case, the password management tool of EssentialPIM helps you a lot. It saves your passwords and lets you create complex passwords through defined patterns. You can auto-type the same in web forms with a click for retrieving.  


EssentialPIM is a handy tool for employees looking to enhance their productivity by adequately managing their work. It automates all your essential tasks and contains your day-to-day schedule to keep you upright. EPIM Cloud, EPIM server, and many other services like Dropbox, iCloud, Google, etc., are available for establishing integration and synchronizations of all your data to make it accessible from anywhere.

If you do not wish to carry your system or laptop on your next work trip, bring EPIM on a flash drive to make the most of your day. It will keep you updated, and your PC will be deprived of hefty downloads.