Do you rely on Gmail for your personal and professional usage? And unfortunately facing issues with it as it is not loading new emails in your Gmail app. Do not worry. It is quite easy to tackle this issue. Also, you are not alone, who is facing problems with emails in Gmail. There are so many people in my acquaintance who encountered the same issue and resolved it easily. But before reaching the solution, they suffered a lot in their work as they could not respond to the emails on time, and also could not approach their clients for work-related discussions. So, this communication gap cost them a lot and created a hindrance in their work culture. 

Here, in this article, solutions to this issue are provided while keeping the device’s variety in mind i.e, a distinct set of solutions are provided for desktop, Android, and iPhone users respectively. So, whatever device you have among these three, you do not have to worry anymore.

But before resolving it, let us understand the “Gmail won’t load new emails” issue in brief, so as to have a clear idea about it. 

What is The “Gmail Won’t Load New Emails” Issue?

This error occurs whenever Gmail does not load properly or its content i.e. emails do not refresh from time to time. Due to this issue, you can not see the recently received emails and along the side, you can not even send the email. So, if you are suppose to send an urgent email and suddenly you come to know that Gmail is not loading in an adequate fashion, your next step will be to search for a solution for the same. 

And, before heading towards the solutions, let us understand its causes so that whenever the same situation occurs in the future, you can understand why it is happening. 

Causes of “Gmail Won’t Load New Emails” Issue

If you are new to this issue and want to know why this happened to you, it is essential to know the causes. There can be several causes associate with this issue, by going through them, you may easily reach the main culprit in your case. Some of the popular causes are list below.

  1. Unsupported web browser
  2. Newly installed extension
  3. Internet is down
  4. Huge Cookies and Temporary files
  5. Gmail is down and many more

After going through the above-mentioned causes, you might have got the answer to what was causing the issue in your case. 

Now is the time to dive into the solutions and get the issue resolve.

Solutions to “Gmail Won’t Load New Emails”

Here, solutions are partition into three segments in accordance with the users i.e. Desktop, Android, and iPhone. So, to whatever segment you belong, check the solution accordingly.

Let us start with the Android device.

“Gmail Won’t Load New Emails” on Android

Are you an Android user? And have no clue why the emails are not being visible to the Gmail app. Do not panic, as there are numerous solutions that an Android user can opt for to tackle the issue. These are mention below.

Solution 1: Check Server

Although, it is the least possible that the Gmail server is down. But for the sake of verification, you should check whether it is up or has gone down. This can be achieve by using an online tool called Downdetector. It is a well-known website for checking up any website’s server status.

Solution 2: Check Internet Connectivity

It might be possible that your internet connection is not functioning properly and as a result, you are not able to view the latest emails in your Gmail app. To check whether the internet connectivity is down or not, you may visit from here and surely you will get to know the status of your internet connection.

If you have poor internet connectivity, you may restart your cell phone and check whether it solves the problem or not. If it does not work, you should contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask them to streamline the internet service on your cell phone as soon as possible.

Solution 3: Restart Gmail

Sometimes, the Gmail app starts with minimal features and because of it, Gmail does not operate properly. It is very rare but if it is the case with you, follow the below steps to get the issue resolve.

  • Step 1: Open the most recent apps by tapping on the task view button (located at the lower-left corner of the mobile screen)
  • Step 2: Once all the recent apps are open, choose “Close All Apps”

This way you will delete the most recently opened apps and now launch the Gmail app from the beginning and check whether it solves the issue or not.

Solution 4: Delete Gmail Cache

In order to have the Gmail app working smoothly, it is require to delete the Gmail cache. The removal of cache ensures the better functioning of the app in an Android device. So, the steps to achieve this are given below.

  • Unlock the Android phone and go to “settings”
  • Scroll up and choose “Apps”
  • Select “Manage Apps” and choose the “Gmail” app
  • Now, choose the “erase data” option from the bottom of the screen

Now, you must have deleted the cache of the Gmail app from the Android mobile. It is time to check whether the Gmail app is functioning correctly or not.

Solution 5: Restart the Android Mobile

It is the easiest solution within this series of solutions. In order to restart an Android mobile, all you have to do is, long-press the power button and tap on the restart option as visible on the screen. Once you choose the restart button, your phone will start after a while. Now, launch the Gmail app once again and check if the issue is resolve or not.  

“Gmail Won’t Load New Emails” on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and facing the issue with the emails on a Gmail app. Do not worry as you are in the right place. Here onwards, you will get to see the solutions to tackle the problem in an efficient manner. So, let us begin.

Solution 1: Enable the IMAP Settings on Gmail

It is one of the most common causes of non-functioning Gmail apps. IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is a network standard that enables the sharing of emails from the server to the Gmail app. Without this protocol, the visibility of emails on the app is not possible. So, it must be enable and the procedure of changing its status to “enable” has been describe below.

  • Log in to Gmail and click on the settings (available in the above right corner)
  • Once, the “settings” is opened, search and click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”
  • Now, scroll and locate the “IMAP Access” section and choose the “Enable IMAP” option.
  • Once done with the above steps, choose “Save Changes”

After completing the above steps, you will have the IMAP setting enabled, and as a result, the emails will start appearing on the Gmail app. If still, the problem persists, follow the next solution mentioned ahead.

Solution 2: Check Entered Credentials

It might be possible that while entering the username or password, you are mistaken somewhere, so it is time to review and enter the right credentials. If you have forgotten the correct password, you may use the “Forgotten password” link, available on Gmail’s login page.

For recovering the password, all you have to do is follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Gmail login page from here
  • Enter the correct email (if you have forgotten the correct email, you may click on the “forgot email” link)
  • Afterwards, click on “Forgot Password”
  • Now, a window will open up, asking you to confirm your identity
  • A new window with an option of entering the new password will be available, here you are supposed to enter the new password.

So, this way, you will have the new password recover and if you have forgotten the username, the same can be recover accordingly.

For more solutions, follow Gmail issues on iPhone today or Gmail is not syncing on the iPhone guide.

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“Gmail Won’t Load New Emails” on a Web browser

Are you trying to access Gmail on the web browser? But unluckily I was not able to browse it. Do not worry as the respective solutions for the same have been describe below. Just go through them and get the issue resolve.

Solution 1: Try Restarting the Device

It worked for so many others and might work for as well. Sometimes, the software does not load properly and requires being restart. Also, this solution has work in so many cases and is popularly call an instant fix. It is quite easy to restart, whatever the device you are using.

Solution 2: Switch to Another Browser

Sometimes the web browser is the culprit as Gmail does not work properly. There can be several reasons for it like the cache dump is huge, sending and receiving of the data is malfunctioning, the browser is lagging, and many more.

So, in order to tackle it, you may switch to another web browser. There are plenty of web browsers available (like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc) and approximately all of them are support by Gmail. So, you may use any of them and get the issue solved.

If your issue has not been resolve yet, you may follow the “Gmail is not working” guide for more such solutions.

These were the solutions to “Gmail won’t load new emails”. The solutions with reference to different devices (like Android, iPhone, Web browser, etc) have been describe above. So, whatever device you are using you can easily reach its solution with the help of the above guide and if still, you seem to be stuck with the issue, you may contact respective customer support and ask them to resolve the issue.

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