Bigpond Webmail by Telstra provides IMAP access that supports the connection of your email account from mobile devices as well as desktop email clients. 

This means that there is no need to always use the webmail interface of You can use other email programs to check and send emails (like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, or Yahoo Mail). 

Bigpond is a desktop email program that helps you to be more productive by making your workflow more efficient. They provide many features and alternatives, you can access your email on your computer even if you lose internet connectivity. 

In this blog, you will learn how to set up a Bigpond Email account and everything you need to know about ‘Bigpond incoming mail server’ and ‘Telstra SMTP servers’.

Bigpond Email Server Settings for IMAP and SMTP

To access Bigpond email on a desktop, you need to do manual settings for IMAP and SMTP. Follow the table below to set up your Bigpond email.

Bigpond Settings for IMAP Server (Telstra Mail) IMAP
IMAP port993
IMAP securitySSL/TLS
IMAP usernameEmail address
IMAP passwordYour Bigpond password 

Bigpond Settings for SMTP Server (Telstra Mail) SMTP
SMTP port465
SMTP securitySSL / TLS
SMTP usernameYour email address
SMTP passwordYour password 

Once you have completed your manual settings for IMAP and SMTP, your Bigpond incoming mail server and outgoing mail server will be activated.

In case you have followed the settings but your email address is not working, you need to log in to Bigpond Webmail Client. Bigpond Webmail Client helps the user to make changes to their account. Many times, users fail to log in to it for many reasons. 

If you are unable to log in to your Bigpond account, it must be due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect Username
  • Wrong Password
  • Weak Internet Connectivity

Keep the above points in mind and correct everything from your end and if the problem persists, visit the Bigpond email support page to recover your username and password reset

TIP: Telstra has its own Smart Troubleshooting Tool that helps to diagnose and resolve the technical issues (if any) with your Bigpond Email service. This tool helps you to navigate into your account with an easy step-by-step guide, just make sure to have stable internet connectivity. 

Bigpond Email Setup on iPhone

You know that Telstra’s services let Bigpond email login on external devices. If you are an iOS user, Bigpond email settings for iPhone do not require much of your time. 

We have described the steps below to set up your Bigpond email account on your iPhone:

  • From your iPhone homepage, go to Settings.
Settings Icon
  • Inside Settings, locate and select Mail.
Select Mail
  • There, click on Accounts
Tap on Accounts
  • In this step, select Add Account to add a Bigpond email account,
Click Add Account 
  • You’ll see a new page displaying a list of email services. Here, Click on Others.
Tap on Other
  • Now, Click on Add mail account.
Click on Add Mail Account
  • On this new account page, enter your Bigpond Email address and Password.
Bigpond Email Setup On iPhone
  • Choose POP. Enter all the necessary information in the appropriate fields for the incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server, as shown on the page below, and then click Next
 Bigpond Email Setup On iPhone
  • Make sure the email address in the User Name is accurate. The identical user name and password are used by the incoming and outgoing servers.
  • Bigpond will send you a prompt for verification. Now, click on Continue
Bigpond Email Setup On iPhone
  • Once you have done all the above steps, turn on the Mail Toggle button and save.
Bigpond Email Setup On iPhone
  • In this step, choose the account you have created to set up the SMTP server.
  • Click on SMTP at the bottom of this new page. Check your SMTP details, enter your account password and username, and tap on Done.
Bigpond Email Setup On iPhone
  • For authentication, turn on the server toggle button and Click on Done.
Bigpond Email Setup On iPhone

Bigpond Email Setup on Android

Setting up Bigpond email for POP and SMTP servers on an android device is easy. If you are an android user, follow the step-by-step process below:

  • Open your android device and go to Mail in the applications tab.
  • Enter your email address and password correctly and Click on Manual Setup. 
Bigpond Email Setup On Android
  • On this new page, Select POP from the given options and enter the details written in the box
    POP Server:
    Security Type: None
    Port: 995
Bigpond Email Setup On Android
  • Now, tap on Next, and this page, add SMTP details to activate the settings for the outgoing mail server. 
    SMTP Server:
    Security type: None
    Port: 465 
Bigpond Email Setup On Android
  • Lastly, after entering all the details, click on Next to activate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my BigPond email on Outlook?

Ans: Here are the steps for Bigpond email settings for outlook 365:

  • Open Outlook on your device.
  • Enter your Bigpond username and Bigpond email password in the given field.
  • Go to Update Server Information.
  • A new page will appear. In the given fields, add the details below:
    Account Type: IMAP
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server:

How do I find my BigPond username and password?

Ans: You can recover your Bigpond username and password with the following steps:

  • Visit the Bigpond Email Support page for forgotten passwords.
  • Enter your username and check the box to indicate that you are not a robot.
  • Select Send Email.
  • Click Reset, Click on the Reset my password link in your email box.
  • Select Reset password after entering your new password, and your Bigpond password will be changed. Password after entering your new password.

Is my BigPond email IMAP or POP?

Ans: Bigpond email is IMAP as it gives access to connect your email account to desktop email clients and mobile devices.

Why am I not getting emails from BigPond?


  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Double-check or recover your username and password. 
  • Use the Telstra Smart Troubleshooting tool.

What is the incoming and outgoing mail server for BigPond?

Ans: Bigpond’s incoming server is IMAP, and the outgoing mail server Bigpond is SMTP.