Gmail, as a global email behemoth, makes everyone’s life easier with its comprehensive, easy-to-use capabilities. Since its debut in 2004, the service’s billions of users have amassed hundreds of billions of contacts. We’re all left with the same question: what happens when you try to export them? Gmail keeps track of your data by adding everyone you connect with as a contact, whether you’re using it for business or just for yourself. However, you may get dissatisfied with Gmail’s seemingly limitless features, or you may choose to export your contacts to another application… otherwise you’ll almost certainly (certainly) require all of those relationships in order to integrate a CRM system into your business procedures. You’ve arrived at the correct location. This straightforward instruction will lead you through the process.

Steps to Export Gmail Contacts to Google

There isn’t a single Gmail address in your address book. It works with another Gmail account as well as desktop email clients including Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Yahoo Mail. To export your whole Gmail address book, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Contacts in a new tab. The simplest approach to do so is to go to or click Contacts from the applications menu in the upper-right corner of Gmail.
  • Choose Export.
  • Select Contacts to export your entire address book. To select a Google Contacts group, click the drop-down arrow.
  • Select a file format for export:
  • All data is exported in the Outlook CSV format, and names are converted to the default character encoding.
Outlook CSV
  • All data is exported in the Google CSV format, which employs Unicode to preserve international characters. Unicode isn’t supported by all email programs, including Outlook.
Google CSV
  • Many email systems and contact managers, including OS X Mail and Contacts, support the vCard format, which is an internet standard.
  • Next, click on Export.
  • To get started, save the file (called Contacts) to your computer. You can rename the file to whatever you wish, such as Gmail-to-outlook.csv (for Outlook CSV), gmail.csv (for Google CSV), or contacts.vcf (for Google VCF) (for the vCard format).

Steps to Transfer Contacts from One Gmail Account to Another – Desktop

To transfer your Gmail contacts to another Gmail account, you must first sign in to the account that contains the contacts you want to move. Go to and select the Export option once you’ve logged in.


You can select which contacts to export in the Export contact window. A drop-down menu to the right of the contacts choice allows you to export all contacts, Starred contacts, or Frequently contacted contacts. It’s also possible to select contacts based on labels.


Make sure that the Google CSV option is selected under Export. Your contacts will be saved in a CSV file named contacts when you select the Export option. Make sure it’s at a location where you can easily discover it.

Google CSV

To export those contacts, sign in to a second Gmail account. Once you’ve logged in, go back to and select Import from the three horizontal lines. Select the Contacts file you previously saved by clicking the blue Select file button.

import on

On 5/27, Gmail will save these contacts under the term Imported, making it easier for you to find them.

Prevent Automatic Export of Contacts from Gmail

To stop Gmail from automatically adding new addresses to your Contacts, follow these simple steps given below:

  • First of all, select the Settings Gear in the upper-right corner of the page in Gmail.
Setting Gear
  • Then, Choose to See all Settings.
See all settings
  • Scroll down to “Create contacts” for the auto-complete section on the General page and select I’ll add contacts myself.
General Tab
  • Lastly, At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Find Automatically Added Contacts by Gmail

Because Gmail adds new contact entries to your address book when you reply to an email or forward it to a new address, your contact list and file may be rather extensive. In Gmail Contacts, these new automatic entries can be discovered under Other contacts.

Other Contacts

What Are the Benefits of Exporting Contacts from Gmail?

You may import and export your contacts from Gmail in a variety of file formats, including CSV (comma separated value file) and vCard. Here are some reasons why you might want to export your Gmail contacts:

1. To Create a Mailing List for an Email Campaign: By exporting contacts from your Gmail contact list as a CSV file, you can construct a contact list for email campaigns (comma separated values). This eliminates the need to create a new contact for each recipient of your campaign.

2. To Create a Backup of your Contact Information: If you lose access to your Google accounts in the future and need your contact information, you can back up numerous contacts from multiple accounts as an external file.

3. To Import Contacts from One Email Account to Another: You can export several contacts to use with a different Google Gmail account or another email provider like Microsoft Outlook (, Yahoo Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Common Problems and Easy Fixes for Contacts Import

The majority of users who wish to export contacts from Gmail want to import them into Outlook. Those of you who are doing so may encounter some difficulties. Here are some of the significant problems, as well as their remedies. When importing contacts from Gmail to Outlook, you may encounter the following issues:

Problem 1: If you get an error message while importing contacts to Outlook, there is a possibility that you attempted to import more than 2000 contacts.

Fix: Open the downloaded CSV file and try to split it up into smaller CSV files before importing it into Outlook.

Problem 2: If no contacts display when you try to import contacts into Outlook, the problem may be due to the CSV.

Fix: Locate and open the CSV file to verify whether or not the data you wish to import is present. There is a chance that the data from Google did not export. So, try exporting contacts from Gmail again (this time selecting all contacts) and then importing them into Outlook.

Clearly, exporting Google Contacts is a simple process. Regardless of how many emails you have, it’s always a good idea to have all of your contacts on hand. You never know when you’ll require them. Will you transfer your contacts from your Gmail account to Google or not, it is up to you but it is essential to know how the process works for an easy timely transfer. So, you are not left with a time-consuming manual transfer that is not at all handy.