In some scenarios, you want to send the messages not at the time when you draft them, but at some other time in the future. So what comes in handy is the feature of Scheduling Text Messages.

The “Scheduling  text Message” feature enables sending a message to one or many contacts on your device in the future at a particular time. Let us say that you need to send a message at 9.00 p.m. sharp for a meeting tomorrow. Using this feature, the message would be sent to the employees at exactly 9 p.m. 

For all this to happen, you need to have a scheduling message app installed. You can simply type your message in the app. And set a timer for the message to be sent. 

How Do You Send a Scheduled Text Message?

The “scheduled text Messages” feature can be available on our phones with the help of scheduled text messaging software.

All smartphones working on Android OS (Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, LG, Google phones) either need third-party Text Messaging software or built-in Text Messaging apps. 

Other smartphones like Apple iPhones also complete the task of scheduling with a plethora of third-party apps in the market.

We shall learn about various other apps like Shortcut & Reminder Base that work on iPhones in the upcoming section.

The most sought-after Third-party apps that need to be planted on your phone are Google messages, Shortcuts, Reminderbase, and Message Desk. 

Please note, MessageDesk works fine on almost all OS platforms, the rest of the other apps work differently on different platforms. We will discuss more of this later on. 

Popular in-Built Apps for Scheduling A Message on Android 

The in-built apps which schedule a message on Android Smartphones are free.

All Android smartphones, including Samsung and One Plus Smartphones, come with preloaded business Texting apps. These apps are:- 

Samsung Messages

The Android phones are shipped with  business text scheduling apps. In Android phones launched by the brand Samsung, Samsung Messages is an in-built business text scheduling app. Using Samsung Messages, how can you send a message at a certain time?

Let us discuss how you can schedule a message with the below-given steps:-

1) First, input a message. For this, tap on the “+” icon located on the left-hand side of the message field.

text field in Samsung Messages

2) Once you have input your text message, tap on the three-dot menu button  in the upper right. Tap “Schedule message” and set the time and date from  the calendar that appears.

Three dots Menu for Schedule Message-option

 3) Tap on “Done” once you’re ready to schedule the message, then press the  Send button, and the text will be sent on the exact time and date you’ve set. 

This feature is also perfect for sending greetings and warm wishes to loved ones timely. The process will have you sending off texts automatically on a set schedule through a simple text message timer. 

One Plus Messages

OnePlus Messages is an apt way out for OnePlus phones for messaging. Using this service, one can know about transactions, promotions, and OTPs, manage and track finances, and other details in a really simple way.

It is a very easy-to-use application and provides no ambiguity in receiving visual messages with brand logos and the names of senders. 

In brief, let us know how to schedule a text on OnePlus Messages with the given steps:-

  1. You need to hit the “+” button beside the compose window. 
  2. Now, you can select the “Timed” option to schedule your message.
  3. Also, you can select the time and date and schedule your message.

Popular Third-Party Apps for Scheduling A Message on Android 7 and Newer Versions

These third-party apps are the go-to option for messaging that can be installed from Playstore.

Google Messages

Google Messages is a popular messaging application that is preloaded on new smartphones in the market. 

These latest Android phones include devices like Google Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S22.

If Google Messages isn’t installed on earlier versions of your Smartphone, you can download it from the PlayStore.

Google Messages icon in Play Store

How to Use Google Messages on Your Computer

  1. Open the Google Messages website in any web browser.
  1. Open the Messages app on your phone. From the main screen, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner, then tap Messages for web.
  1. Tap the QR code scanner and scan the QR code on the Google Messages website.

The Google Messages interface loads in the browser. You can now easily chat with your contacts and use all the app’s features on your computer.

Now, how to schedule a text in Google Messages? Scheduling a text through Google Messages is really simple. You can set the timer in the Schedule Message pop up  and the message will be automatically sent at the scheduled time.

Set Timer on Google Messages

Message Desk

Using Message Desk could be considered a really simple and comprehensive approach.

To access the Message desk, first, Sign up for a free Message Desk account.

Visit MessageDesk to create a free account. Once you have an account, download MessageDesk for iOS or MessageDesk for Android from Google PlayStore. You can also meet with a messaging expert for answers to questions in order to start.

MessageDesk Create account button with Username & Password

Once you sign in and connect with the personal contacts and Group, you can also create a template and send personalized messages.

Another important feature that comes with MessageDesk is that you can also set up text message broadcasts and add other automated text messages. 

Popular Third-Party Apps for Scheduling A Message on iPhone

Shortcuts app: a Workaround Solution 

In iPhones, the iMessage feature won’t let you schedule a text message to be sent later. So, can you schedule a text on iPhone?

A workaround solution for this is the Shortcuts app. This app lets you set up text messages to be sent later. This  app is already shipped with iPhones running iOS 13 or newer versions. 

If your phone is running an earlier version of iOS, you’ll need to install the Shortcuts app from the Apple App Store.

Shortcuts app icon in Apple Store

It’s free and already there on the iPhone, but it’s slightly complicated and probably not exactly what could be the best way out for sending recurring text messages,

Reminderbase App

If you’re trying to send a delayed and non-recurring text message, then download this third-party app. This app allows you to create and schedule text messages for one-time sends or recurring sends. A few other top-rated apps in the App Store that help you schedule a text include:

Each of these apps will work differently, and while all of them are free to download, they include in-app purchases, so they cannot be called entirely free. 

However, they should work similarly by giving you the option to create and schedule messages to anyone in your contacts list or for whom you have a phone number.


As discussed earlier, the Message Desk is handy software for all platforms, including iPhone. We have already discussed many helpful features that Message Desk brings along.

First, it is very easy to install and free to use. 

Secondly, the customization of the messages and personalization with graphical emojis is a real catch. One can easily create the templates of these personalized messages and send them at an interval.

Also, the messages can reach a complete community or group of contacts  that you have created on your MessageDesk.


  1. Can iMessage be scheduled?

No. You cannot use iMessage to schedule a text message to be sent at a later time. It is just a one-time sending feature when it comes to inbuilt iMessage. You cannot send a delayed message at a certain time. However, some workarounds(in the form of third-party apps, will let you send messages in the future.

      2.  How Does Message Scheduling Take Place on Personal computers?For this, download the Google Messages app for your phone and open it on your desktop web browser. You can find the latest version of Google Messages on the Google Play Store for your phone. Download this on your Android phone. Once you open the app on your phone and pair your device, it will synchronize your phone and your browser, and you can see messages and conversations on your browser.