Are you irritated by receiving tons of spam emails daily? You may be questioning yourself, “why am I getting spam emails” “how to stop junk emails” and so on. But don’t feel helpless if you can’t get over this problem. Feeling bewildered by what I said? Not a severe problem.

I have compiled all the useful solutions with the help of which you can get rid of spam emails. Want to know those beneficial solutions to clear the worthless data in your mail? Start reading this article and uncover how to stop receiving spam emails.

Why Do I Keep Getting Spam Emails?   


Receiving infinite spam emails from unknown senders incessantly may perplex you. Want to discover the probable reasons? Read the following points, and you will realize the proximate cause of the issue. 

  • It may be highly possible that your email address has been added to the mailing lists of the Spammers. They usually buy a large number of email addresses from some specific providers and then use them for their profit.

If you have observed that you are receiving a lot of spam emails all of a sudden on a frequent basis, then it can be said that your email address has been added to one of the purchased email addresses of such spammers.

  • You will be shocked that you unintentionally provide your email address to such spammers. You may have submitted the email address in many forms that seem perfectly safe. However, it’s not like that. It is a tricky tool that several spammers use today to bring in more email addresses to their mailing lists.

Identifiable Features of A Spam Email

Spam Email check

You can easily identify whether the email received is spam. See the identifiable features briefly explained below: 

  • You can easily notice that these emails always show a sense of emergency. Their subjects contain something important, but as soon as you open them to read what’s inside, nothing feels significant, as it’s a mere trap to force the viewers to open the email.
  • Another way to identify them is through the names of senders. You will find that they are completely unknown to you. You haven’t engaged with these senders ever before, and this is the first time you are receiving their emails without your prior knowledge. Plus, they won’t have anyone added to the CC or BCC list
  • The last way is verifying through the email address itself. The email is highly suspicious once you discover that the updates you receive are different from what is provided by the mainstream company.

Besides, the email address will not match the official address in any way. It’s not just your doubt, but very likely a spam email. you can also make use of email spam checker to avoid the spam emails.

Now, after realizing why anyone receives spam emails, let’s start reading about every solution that details how to get rid of spam emails.

Solution 1: Don’t Click Any Link Within A Spam Email

While handling any spam email, this seems to be one of the best ways to reduce any kind of online communication. You are not supposed to respond to it at any cost. You may see several links embedded in the mail itself; avoid clicking on them to be on the safer side.

It is shocking to know that your single click on any of its links can beware the spammer about the active status of your account. These people will be given an indication to continue sending more such emails to you and thereby overload your inbox with an abundance of spam in your email list.

Solution 2: Avoid Replying to a Spam Email

Many times, you receive tons of emails from an unknown sender. Though you don’t know the person, you are inclined to see what is inside the mail.

Once you become highly tempted by their constant infinite emails, you may want to stop them by replying to their emails; however, it’s not the right approach in any way, and doing this is one of the major mistakes most users make.

Once you reply to their mail, the spammers get a hint to continue sending you the hateful content. Receiving such destructive emails continuously may increase your list of spam emails. And when you respond to these anonymous users, they will get to know more of your details.

Solution 3: Use A Different Email Address

You must have observed that most of the email services today, such as Gmail and Yahoo offer users an option to add an alternate email address apart from the primary email.

This option adds to the significant advantages of the users because they can use this email address while accessing several websites, platforms, and forums.

Their primary email address is protected this way from multiple inundated spam messages. To manage the alternate email address effectively, they also have the option to filter out some particular messages to a special folder. 

Solution 4: Go to Mailing Lists and Unsubscribe


Another intelligent way to get rid of huge spam emails is by unsubscribing from multiple marketing emails.

After doing this, you won’t receive any unsolicited messages in your inbox. Unsubscribing from the marketer’s list will delete your email address from their prospective mailing list.

However, if they still don’t exclude you after you have successfully unsubscribed, it’s not a matter of concern. Yes, you don’t have to worry because even if they send you emails, they won’t be reflected in your emails.

In fact, all the companies operating today are mandated by the Federal Trade Commission to include a link for unsubscribing or an opt-out link for online marketing campaigns.

But, it’s also true that there exist several meticulous business marketers who don’t follow such ethical practices in any of their digital marketing campaigns. In such cases, you won’t find any unsubscribe button in any of your spam emails. Here, the only option left is to block them permanently.

Solution 5: Stop Sharing Your Primary Email Address Everywhere

In order to protect your primary email address from hazardous spam mail, it’s highly suggested that you don’t share your main email address on every new platform that is of no significance at all. I hope that you all are able to understand the gist of this point.

The leading causes are Social media platforms too, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Sharing your email address to these popularized platforms may grab the attention of many spammers and frauds who can misuse your email address for their personal gain.

But one question arises here, what if it’s compulsory to add an email address while signing in? Because otherwise, your business requirement may mandate you to disclose your contact details, including your email address. This shouldn’t be a hindrance, as you can always share an alternate email address instead of posting your primary email.

Moving forward, let’s look at the solutions for different operating systems (iPhone and Android) and different email services.  

Solution 6: How Do I Stop Spam Emails On iPhone?

  • Open any of the spam mail that you want to block.
  • Tap on “More” (the three dots at the top of the right corner). 
  • Tap on the option that reads “Block (Wish)”.
    Block (wish)

If this process seems a bit long, then as an alternative option, you can also choose to unsubscribe from such email marketing campaigns. It’s the shortest trick to get rid of this problem.

You simply have to tap on the “Unsubscribe” button that is embedded at the end of any mail.

Solution 7: How to Stop Junk Emails on Android?

  • Visit your email service.
  • Open any spam message you receive in your inbox.
  • Look for the three dots at the top of the right corner and tap on it.
    3 dots
  • Select the option that reads as “Block (Sender)”.
    Block (sender)

Solution 8: How to Stop Getting Spam Emails in Gmail?

Once you block some specific email addresses, your Gmail inbox is protected from huge junk affecting your mailing list. It’s the most efficacious solution to prevent spam completely.

Many email services offer particular methods to users so that they can block unsolicited senders easily by following a few steps.

Don’t panic if you are doubtful of the procedure. Just go through the steps that I explained below using the below illustrations: 

  • Go to the Gmail app and open your  Gmail account.
  • Open any one spam mail.
  • Click on the “More” option that you can easily locate through the three dots available in the top right corner.
    Click on “More”
  • Search for the “Block” option and click on it.
    Block freepik company

Solution 9: How to Get Rid of Spam Emails In Outlook?

To get rid of spam emails in Microsoft Outlook, follow the steps as illustrated below:

  • Head over to the mail service and choose a spam mail that you want to block.
  • Give it a right-click on the message.
  • A drop-down menu shall appear. Choose “Junk” from the multiple options.
  • At the final step, click on the “Block (Sender)” option.
    Block sender

Solution 10: How to Stop Receiving Spam Emails On Hotmail?

You must have heard of this mailing service as it’s quite a popular name amongst the leading email services globally. However, it’s disappointing to know that this prominent platform is also not protected from spam email senders.

If you are facing the same issue in your Hotmail account, simply click on the “unsubscribe button” which you can easily find at the bottom of any email. 

Otherwise, you can also add such email addresses to a “Blocked List”.

Let’s understand its practical process through a step-by-step guide

  • Open your inbox and choose the “Settings” option that is available in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on:

    “More > Preventing Junk Email > Safe and Blocked Senders”

  • Click on the “Add” option under the head “Blocked senders and domains”.
  • Type the email address in the required section that you want to block permanently.
    Type the email address
  • To finally complete the process, click on “Save”.

Solution 11: How Do I Stop Spam Emails on Xfinity Mail?

Your Xfinity mail may also be clogged up with too many spam messages. But, you will be surprised to know that you can filter out these incoming messages to a specific spam folder so that you can track all the spam in a folder and no important emails go unnoticed.

Read the following steps to know how you can set up:

  • Visit your Xfinity Connect account.
  • You should easily see a “gear-shaped icon”. Click on it. Don’t panic about how you are going to find it as this icon can be easily located at the top of the right corner.
  • Click on “Settings > Advanced Settings > Automatically move spam and potentially harmful messages to the Spam folder”

And that’s it. 

After the completion of the process mentioned above, you will see that all the spam messages will be moved to the spam folder.

The system will take seven days to process further, and thereafter, all such junk mail will be deleted permanently from your Xfinity Mail.

Solution 12: How to Get Rid of Spam Emails on Yahoo Mail?

Fortunately, Yahoo Mail has an inbuilt spam filter tool that helps users to keep spam messages out of their inboxes. But this doesn’t eradicate your problem because you may still receive spam emails in your inbox.

All you need to do is hone the ability of the filter tool in such a way that it becomes trained enough to capture unsolicited emails immediately as they are received in your email. 

To know the exact process, refer to the following steps:

  • Visit the “Spam” folder in your email.
  • Move to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the “three dots” known as ellipsis.
    3 dot
  • Click on the option that reads as “Filter messages like this…”
    Click on the “Filter messages like this…” option

Otherwise, click on the “unsubscribe” link only instead of following these steps. 

Reporting Spam Emails to Authorities

Report to Federal Trade Commission

If you are disturbed a lot by too much spam junk received in your mail, then you can take the aid of the Federal Trade Commission to whom you can report all the spam emails. To know more about this organization, you can explore the website:

Don’t worry about your identity as the reports generated against such spammers are dealt with anonymously. Therefore, it becomes impossible for any of the authorities to trace your identification details. Plus, if you are still a little insecure about the same, you can opt for any other emailing services, there are tons of email services that let you sign in without your phone number



I hope that reading this article gave you some insights about how to stop receiving spam emails. According to the mailing service you use, a specific solution can be chosen.

The best part is that you don’t have to memorize any of the mentioned guidelines. You can always refer to the illustrated steps and implement the same on your own.

Thanks for giving your precious time while reading this write-up.