HughesNet Email is a renowned emailing service that is known to very few people. With mere millions of users in America, it is known for its fast services and cutting-edge technology among its users.

However, no one is perfect, and neither is this email service. Every now and then, people have raised complaints regarding the glitches they face with their HughesNet email account.

With its community being small, it is difficult to find a solution when your HughesNet email is not working. Nevertheless, the worries about your email account end here.

In this write-up, stated are some methods that will help you troubleshoot whatever HughesNet email issues you are facing, and may also aid you in keeping them at bay.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

If your HughesNet email is not working, you don’t have to worry, as it can be a mere technical glitch or network or server issue, which can be easily resolved by following some troubleshooting tips stated below:

Check HughesNet Server Status

The first thing that you should check when having HughesNet email problems is its server status.  If the servers of the email service provider are down, then obviously you won’t be able to access its services and wouldn’t even be able to get into your account. 

In order to ensure that’s the case, you can visit the webpage, where you will find information on whether the HughesNet email is currently facing an outage or not. If the email is presently out of service, then you can do nothing but wait for its servers to return to functioning again.

Check your Internet Connection

Obviously, your HughesNet email won’t work if the device you are using to access it is not connected to the internet. So, ensure that your device has a steady internet connection, and also that its speed is enough that it can’t be a hindrance. 

Further, if you detect some network issues, then disconnect from Wi-Fi, or turn off mobile data and reconnect, it will help to reestablish the connection, or you can even try to restart your Wi-Fi router.

Turn off Antivirus/Firewall Program

 If your HughesNet email is not receiving emails or not working in general, it can also be due to the third-party antivirus or firewall program you have installed on your device. These software programs can sometimes falsely flag other programs and services to be dangerous, and block their access for you, because of which you can no longer use them without facing difficulty. 

Thus, in order to fix the HughesNet email issue, you will temporarily have to turn them off. If doing so makes any difference, and you are able to freely access your account, then get rid of it permanently or contact its service provider to help you out of the situation.

Reset HughesNet Email Password

Resetting your email password might seem absurd to you, but it is of great use. If you are having several problems with your HughesNet email account, and you are no longer able to access it, this can be because your account has been hacked. The simple and quick solution to get out of this situation is to reset your password, doing so, will have the hacker log out of your account automatically. 

Further, if you are logging into your account after a long time, then it is possible that you no longer remember its password correctly, therefore, in this solution as well, this method will work. 

In order to do so, you just have to go to the HughesNet sign-in page, and follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the Sign In/ Register button in the top right corner of the screen.
Click on the Sign In button.
  1. On the next page, click on the Forgot Password link.
click on forget password link
  1. Thereafter, on the following screen, enter your username, and Site Account Number (SAN) and click on Continue
Fill in the required info and click Continue.
  1. After that, follow some on-screen instructions, and you will be directed to the change password screen where you will be able to reset your password.

Recover your Lost Username

In case of long inactivity on the email account, you may have forgotten your username because of which you are no longer able to access your HughesNet email account. Nevertheless, there’s a workaround for that as well. 

You just have to visit the HughesNet sign-in page, hit the Sign In/ Register button, click on the Forgot Username link, and follow the prompts displayed on the screen to know your correct username. Once you have your email address, type it in the sign-in form and get access to your account.

Click on Forgot Username.

HughesNet Email Issues Troubleshooting on the Browser

Clear Browsing Data

Clearing your browser cookies and cached files is the very first thing you should do when your HughesNet email is not working on your browser. It is so because some cached information might get corrupted, and therefore, can hinder you from using your email properly. 

You can delete the browsing data by going to the Privacy and Security section of your browser, where you have to click on the option to clear Cookies and Cache files and delete them.

Once that is done, again log into your HughesNet email account and check whether the problem persists.

Use the Compatible Browser

Another thing that you should consider when your HughesNet email is not working, is to switch to a browser that is compatible with it. If you are using a browser that is no longer supported, like Internet Explorer, or it is not updated to its latest version, then it is inevitable that you are going to face a lot more problems with your HughesNet email.

In order to fix HughesNet email issues you should use a modern-day browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, that works best with any of the email services. 

However, if you are already using them, then make sure that they are updated, so as to be compatible with the advanced security features of email services. 

Check if JavaScript is Disabled

The internet is known to be running on JavaScript. Every other action you are able to perform through your HughesNet or any other email account is possible just because of JavaScript. If it is disabled on your browser, or HughesNet email is blocked to use it, then your email will not work, and you will face several issues. 

Thereby, it is important to check whether it is turned off or not, for which you can follow the steps given below:

For Chrome:

  1. In your browser, click on the menu icon (three dots) present in the top right corner of the screen, and select the Settings option.
Click on the more menu, and select Settings
  1. From the left side pane of the Settings window, switch to the Privacy and Security section.
  1. Click on the Site Settings tab from the next screen.
Go to Privacy and Security and click on Site Settings
  1. Then, scroll down on the page that will open, and click on JavaScript.
Click on JavaScript
  1. Finally, ensure that the Sites Can Use JavaScript option is selected. Additionally, make sure that HughesNet email is not added under the Not Allow To Use JavaScript section. If it is there, click on the more menu icon, and select Remove.
Select the option to use JS & ensure HughesNet email is not blocked to use it.

For Firefox:

  1. Open the browser on your system.
  1. In its address bar, type “about:config” (without quotes) and hit the Enter key.
Type about:config in URL bar.
  1. Click on Accept the Risk & Continue button, on the next screen.
Click on the button
  1. In the search bar of the next page, type “javascript.enabled” (without quotes).
Type javascript.enabled in the search bar.
  1. Finally, the result for “javascript.enabled” will appear. Check if it is True or False. If it is false, click on the toggle button to turn it to True and enable JavaScript.
Ensure JS is enabled.

On MS Edge:

  1. On your Edge, click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner and select Settings from the menu.
Click on the more menu and select Settings.
  1. From the left sidebar of the Settings page, click on the Cookies and Site Permissions option.
Switch to Cookies and Site Permissions.
  1. Now, scroll a little under the All Permission section, where you will find the JavaScript section, and click on it.
Click on JavaScript.
  1. Finally, from the next page, ensure that the Allowed toggle button is turned on and HughesNet is not added under the Blocked section.
Enable JS by turning Allowed toggle button on.

On Safari:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your system, and click on the Safari menu from the top left corner of the screen.
  1. Click on Preferences in the menu that will appear.
Click on the Safari menu and select Preferences.

Thereafter, a new window will open, where you have to switch to the Security tab.

  1. Finally, make sure that the Enable JavaScript option is selected, and if not, select it. 
Go to Security and select Enable JavaScript.

Uninstall Malicious Extensions

If after all these solutions, your HughesNet mail is still not receiving emails or not working in general, then the next thing you can try your hand at is, turning off extensions installed on your browser. 

You might have mistakenly installed a malicious extension on your browser, which is now interfering with your email account, causing it to create issues. To resolve this difficulty, you will have to turn off extensions one by one, and subsequently check if that solves the problem. When you have found the culprit (if any), uninstall it permanently from your browser.

HughesNet Email not Working in Different Email Clients

If your HughesNet email not working while you are using it on third-party email clients, like Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc., then here are the solutions that can you can adopt to overcome this problem:

Configure HughesNet Mail Server Settings

The most probable reason why your HughesNet is not receiving emails or sending them out is the incorrect mail server settings. These settings maintain the outgoing and incoming emails and are also responsible for checking legit email sources. Thus, if these HughesNet email settings are incorrectly configured in your email client, you will face issues. 

So, you need to go to your email client’s server settings page, and check if the information populated there, matches the one given below:

Account Type: POPAccount Type: IMAP
Incoming Mail ServerServer Name: Name:
Port No: 995Port No: 993
Username: Your email addressUsername: Your email address
Authentication: PasswordAuthentication: Password
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)Server Name: Name:
Port No: 465Port No: 465
Username: Your email addressUsername: Your email address
Authentication: PasswordAuthentication: Password

Remove and Re-Add your Account

What a troubleshooting article it will be if it doesn’t suggest to you the old school way of solving an email not working problem, which is removing and re-adding the account to your email client. It might appear to be useless to you, but trust me it’s not. This method has proven to be very useful in resolving any issue with emails when you have tried your way with other advanced solutions and failed.

So, give this method a shot as well, and see if you are now able to use your HughesNet email account without any difficulty.

Clear the Email Client’s Cache

If you are using an email app like Gmail or Apple Mail, on your mobile phone to access your HughesNet email account, then clearing the apps’ cache is another method to fix the issues of your HughesNet email account.

This will help to remove the damaged files of the apps that were causing your HughesNet email not to work correctly.

In Apple devices, instead of clearing the cache of the email client app, you can offload it, and download it again from the App Store.

Update the Email Client App

If you haven’t updated your email client in a long while, then do it right away. It is important to keep these apps updated so that their internal settings align with those of the latest privacy and security settings of the HughesNet email.

Thus, it is important to check whether you are using the latest version of your email client and if not, update it. After you are done downloading the latest version, ensure to restart the app to apply updates.

Update OS & Restart the Device

Updating the OS and restarting the device are some very basic troubleshooting methods, which impart no harm to apply, rather they help in solving whatever internal issues are going on with the device that might be interfering with your HughesNet email, because of which it is not working.

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