Are you trying to log into your email account, but couldn’t figure out how to do it? Well, forget all your worries now, as you have landed in the right place. was one of the most popular email services provided by Microsoft. Earlier, the Live Mail email program used to come pre-installed in the Windows OS system, which was freely available to send and receive messages. However, with time, Live Mail has become the predecessor of other modern email programs and services.

Are you shocked? Why am I referring to the email in the past tense? Has Microsoft phased it out? If it is down, will you be able to log into your email account? And, what are these modern email programs that took over?

All these types of questions must be racing through your mind. Well, take a deep breath, relax, and read through the below write-up to find the answer to all your questions. And, most importantly you will find the steps in the article further, by employing which you will be able to log into your email account.

What is

Basically, is now just a URL that is used by Microsoft in its various web services like OneDrive products and Outlook. 

When we discuss email, you need to understand that this email service is no longer available. Mail has been succeeded by Outlook and Hotmail, which can be used to send and receive emails. 

So, which means, you can no longer have an email account with the domain, but you can access or log into your older email account, using Outlook, an email program by Microsoft, or any other email client.

How to Log In to Email?

Logging into is easy. You can use your email address and password to sign in to your email account. The steps below will direct you to how you can access your Live Mail email account:

On Browser:

  1. First, open your browser and go to and click on the Sign in button present in the top right corner of the screen.
    Click on Sign in
  1. After that, you will be redirected to the Microsoft sign-in page, where you have to enter your email address and click on the Next button.
    Enter email and click on Next
  1. Now, on the following window, you will be required to enter the password of your Live email account, and then, click on the Sign in button.
    Enter the password and click on sign in

On Outlook for Windows:

  1. Open the Outlook app on your system.
  1. Click on the File option in the top left corner of the screen.
  1. From the next screen, go to the Info tab and click on the Add Account button.
    Click on File and then click Add Account
  1. On the following window, enter your email address and click on the Connect button.
    Enter your email address.
  1. Finally, enter your password on the next screen, and click Connect.

On Outlook App for Phones:

  1. First, download the Outlook app from Google Play Store (for Androids) or Apple App Store (for Apple devices).
  1. Tap on the Get Started button.
  1. On the next screen, tap on Add Account.
  1. Next, fill in your email address and tap Continue.
  1. Enter your email password on the next page, and tap Next.
  1. If you have enabled two-step verification, you will have to enter the verification code which you will receive from Microsoft and then, you will be logged into your email account (This is the same as verifying your Gmail account by using the Google Verification Code). 

With that, you will log in to your email account, where you can access your emails, and send or receive them.

How to Sign Up for a Account?

As discussed above, you can no longer have a email account, but instead, you can create accounts using and domains. 

If you are skeptical about it, don’t be, because it’s the only way you can have an email account from Microsoft-provided email services. By following the steps below you can create a new email account, which you can use to perform any of the email functionalities:

  1. To begin with, open your browser and visit the website.
  1. There, click on the Create Free Account button.
    Click on Create Free Account
  1. Next, the Microsoft page will open up. Where, in the first field, you have to type your username (like in, type ‘abc’ in it).
  1. Click on the drop-down menu, next to the email field, select either or, and click on the Next button.
    Enter the email address and click Next
  1. On the next page, create a password for your new email account, and then, click on the Next button.
    Create a new password and click Next

Note: The password should be at least 8 characters long, must have uppercase and lowercase letters, and has a combination of numbers and characters as well.

  1. After that, you have to enter your first and last name in the respective field, and click Next.
    Enter your first and last name
  1. Then, select your country from the Country/Region drop-down menu, fill in your Birthdate, and click on Next.
    Select country and fill in your birth date
  1. Finally, you will be asked to perform the task in the CAPTCHA, and once that’s done, you will have a new email account for the email service provided by Microsoft. Account Configuration

If you have an old email account that you want to log into using an email client, you will need to manually configure it. When setting up your account with an email client, you will have to enter IMAP and SMTP settings, these settings are given below: Mail IMAP Settings ( IMAP Server:
IMAP Port993
IMAP SecuritySSL / TLS
IMAP UsernameYour full email address
IMAP PasswordYour email account password Mail SMTP Settings ( SMTP Server
SMTP Port587
SMTP UsernameYour full email address
SMTP Password Your password

Features of Email email has many features that make it more than an ordinary email client, which you will come to know when you log in to live com. Here are some of its most important ones:

  1. Live (chat) Support – Live chat support is beneficial if you need immediate help with your email account. If you are stuck at some feature, or you are getting errors while trying to perform something, you can use Chat Support to know what to do in such a situation. You can also send emails to customer support and directly contact them via phone and even Skype!
  1. Auto-discover – This feature lets you automatically configure your email account using only your address and password. You will need not manually specify outgoing or incoming mail server settings or other settings, every time you log into a new email account using your Live Mail program (as most other email providers require). 

This makes it easier for new users who don’t understand how to set up their accounts properly but want to use because of its unique features over other free alternatives like Gmail or Hotmail (which do not have auto-discover).

  1. Calendar – The calendar feature is easy to use and integrates with Windows Live Messenger, which you can use to see when your friends are available for video chat sessions (similar to Facebook’s chat functionality). It also allows you to invite others from your contacts list to events, which makes it easier to coordinate meetings with colleagues or friends.
  1. People – The people feature is similar to Facebook’s profile page which displays your information, such as your interests and hobbies, along with a picture and short bio. This section also includes a list of your contacts and friends, making it easy to connect with them through email or instant messaging services like MSN Messenger or Skype.
  1. SkyDrive – Microsoft offers 5 GB of free storage on its SkyDrive service, which comes preinstalled with the Windows Live Essentials software suite. It allows you to upload files directly from your PC without having them clog up your hard drive space. You can then access these files from anywhere, provided that you have access to the Internet, so long as you have a Windows Live email account.
  1. Windows Live Messenger – Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging service that lets you send and receive messages across the globe for free. You can use it to chat with your friends and family, or even make new ones by talking to strangers. In addition, you can also use it for audio and video calls over the Internet if the other person’s computer supports these features.
  1. Themes and skins – You can change the look of the email using different themes or skins that come with it by default or download from third parties who sell themes for a fee online.
  1. Security options – There are several security features built into email that allow you to set up different levels of protection based on how sensitive the information being transmitted is and how important it is that no one else gets access to it accidentally or purpose through hacking techniques

Is Outlook and Live Mail the same?

Outlook is Microsoft’s email client for business and personal use. In it, you can add and access your email accounts from various email service providers. And, if you are looking for an email client to sign in to your work email account, there’s no better option than Outlook.

It is available as an app to download on your devices, whether it is Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android. Further, you can access Outlook online by visiting the URL on your browser.

However, Windows Live Mail is a desktop freeware email program that comes installed with Windows Vista or Windows 7 and is still compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10. It’s similar to Outlook in many ways but designed mainly for home users. 

This email program, however, has been later succeeded by another email client by Microsoft, Windows Mail, which now comes pre-installed in modern-day Windows OS.

So, if you are using the latest Windows, then I recommend you use Windows Mail or Outlook, the web version of which is freely available for anyone’s use, instead of Windows Live Mail. 

In some cases, you might want to use both programs at the same time because they each offer unique features that are not available in the other program. Outlook has a better calendar application that Live Mail does not provide, while Live Mail has better support for POP3 accounts.

So, you may need to compare the features of each email program to find the one best suited for your use. Though, I still recommend you use Windows Mail or Outlook.

Troubleshooting Live Mail Login Issues

If you are facing issues with the Live com login page, here are some troubleshooting solutions that will help you to resolve the issue:

1.Incorrect Username or Password

This is the most common reason you are getting a Live email login issue. Make sure that you have entered the correct username and password. If not, try to reset your password using the Forgot Password option.

2.Incorrect SMTP Server Configuration

If you are using third-party email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc., make sure that you have correctly configured the SMTP server in the account settings. In order to know what are the SMTP server settings for Mail, refer to the ‘ Account Configuration’ section of this article.

3.Server Down or Maintenance Work Going On

Sometimes Microsoft servers may go down, or there may be some maintenance work going on in these servers, which causes problems with your email account login. It may take some hours or even days for them to restore their service to normal again and resolve all issues related, allowing users to again log in to the email.

4.Internet Connection Issue

Internet connection is yet another thing that needs to be checked if you have a problem “log in live com refused to connect.” If there is no internet connection or your ISP has blocked it, you cannot connect with Microsoft servers and hence get an error message saying that “We couldn’t find the account associated with this email address.” 

Check your modem/router settings and make sure they are not blocking any port numbers or websites so that you can use them normally again.

5.Your Account Has Been Locked

Sometimes, Microsoft can lock your account if they think there is something wrong with it or want to keep it safe from any hackers or scammers, etc. 

If this happens, you will need to contact the support team to get help on how to unlock your account so that you can log into your email account again and start using it normally without any issues like before!

6.Your Account Was Hacked

If you are trying to log into your email account, but couldn’t get in, it may be because your account has been hacked, and its password is changed.

In such a case, contact support immediately so they can help prevent further damage from occurring to your account, and get it recovered.

7.Reset Your Password

If you are still having trouble logging into your live com account, the next best thing to do is reset your password. This will help as you may be entering the wrong or old password. If you haven’t done this before, here’s how you can do this:

  1. First off, go to and click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  1. Then you will be directed to the page, where you have to enter your email address, and click Next.
    Enter your email address and click Next
  1. Next, you will be prompted to enter your password. There, click on the Forgot Password link.
    Click on Forgot Password
  1. Now, Microsoft will show you some options (emails and phone numbers) you can use to verify your identity. Select any one of them and click Next.
    Select an option
  1. After that, you will receive a verification code on the selected option, which you have to enter on the displayed screen.
  1. Finally, the screen for changing the password will appear. Enter your new password, save the changes, and then use it to log into your email account.

8.Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer is the first thing to do when you are having issues when logging into your email account, through a desktop emails client like MS Outlook or Windows Mail. It’s a quick and easy way to fix many problems. To restart your computer, follow these steps:

  • Click on Start and then click on Restart. A confirmation window will appear asking if you want to restart your computer. Click OK.
  • The system will shut down and reboot automatically. After that, login again with your credentials and check if the issue still persists or not.

9.Clear Cookies and Cache

If you are unable to log in to your email account, by visiting the website, it can be because of one of the most common issues of damaged cookies and cache on your browser. 

You can fix this issue by simply clearing your browser cookies and cache. 

Here are the steps for how to clear cookies and cache in Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Chrome History (Ctrl+H).
    Chrome History
  1. Now Click Clear Browsing Data in the left bar of the screen.
    Click Clear Browsing Data
  1. A new window will pop up select Cookies and Other Site Data and Cached Images and Files.
    Select Cookies and Cached Files
  1. Then, click on the Time Range drop-down menu, and select All Time.
    Select Time Range
  1. After that Click on Next to run the process and wait till all the browsing data is cleared.

After this is completed, again try to log into your email account.

With that said, we have reached the end of the guide to logging in to the email and resolving its login issues. And, I hope, with the help of this post, you can solve your issues quickly and find more information related to Live com Mail. 


Q: How do I log into my email account?

In order to do the live com log in, you will have to first go to the website (because it is where you can log into your email account), click on the Sign In button, fill in your login credentials, and log in. With this, you will enter your account.

Q: Can you still use the email?

Yes, you can still use the email, but you cannot create a new email account with the domain. You can use the website or the Outlook app to log into your old email account.

Further, you can also convert your existing email address into an account for free, but this process takes up to 60 days because Microsoft needs time to transfer your messages from one system to another.

Q: Is Hotmail and Live the same email?

Hotmail and Live are two of the most popular free email services globally. They are both owned by Microsoft but run independently of each other. There are many similarities between the two services, but many differences are also.

Both Hotmail and Live offer free email accounts with unlimited storage space and several helpful features such as antivirus protection and spam filtering.

Q: How do I recover my live email account?

If you’ve lost access to your Microsoft account, you can recover it using the steps below:

  • Check your password recovery options: If you’ve forgotten your password and need to reset it, visit the Forgot Password page.
  • If you’ve forgotten both your password and your email address, you’ll have to contact support to get your account recovered. If this doesn’t work, I recommend creating a new Microsoft account with an email address that has never been used before.
  • Create a new recovery email address: Open the Forgot Password page and click on “I don’t have access to this email address anymore.

You’ll be prompted to create a new recovery email address where we’ll send a verification code to get back into your account. Your old email address will no longer be valid after this procedure is complete, so please make sure not to use this recovery email in any other accounts or services.

Q: What email ends with live com? was an e-mail service offered by Microsoft. However, Microsoft has phased out this email service, because of which users can no longer create a new email account with the domain. But, they can continue to access their old email accounts through Outlook or any other email client.

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