• Netscape Mail registration has been discontinued, so no new account can be created with this domain.
  • Netscape’s old mail accounts can be accessed exclusively through AOL.
  • An old address book of Netscape is only available if the account is still active.

You may not know that in 1999 AOL brought the internet browser Netscape which was composed of a suite of several software components for sharing, accessing, and communicating. But one application that was praised globally was the Netscape email service which was mainly designed for sending and receiving emails and Usenet news. Though AOL discontinued the development of and support for the Netscape Internet suite in 2008, the Netscape email account can still be logged in using the AOL mail sign-in page

Not only this, Netscape email allows you to add multiple email accounts and access them in one place for improved email management. But, for this, you must know how Netscape mail accounts are now being accessed, read this article to get complete information. 

How to Login to Netscape Email Account?

Signing in to your Netscape email account requires your login ID/email address and the password you set during registration. When you have the login credentials with you, follow the steps given below:

  • Enter your Username, email, or mobile address, in the text field assigned for the same and click “Next”.
Enter Netscape username 
  • You then need to prove that you are not a bot trying to spam the site, by entering the CAPTCHA. Then, click “Continue” to proceed.
Fill-in Netscape Captcha
  • Type your password or the verification code that you receive on your mobile to access your email account.
Enter verification code
  • Click Verify to complete the login process.

You are now log into your Netscape email account, access all data and information stored in your account. Make sure you sign out before leaving the screen to prevent unauthorized access.

Setup Netscape Mail Login Using IMAP

If you want to configure your Netscape email account with third-party mail clients such as Mailspring, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird, for better management of emails, you can use IMAP server settings. By doing so, you can log in to your email account without accessing the Netscape login screen, this will improve your workflow to a great extent as you can keep track of emails coming from different email accounts in one place. 

If you want to set up Netscape email login on any third-party email client, add these settings on the “add account” screen of the respective platform 

Netscape.Net IMAP Settings

Netscape.net (AOL Mail) IMAP Serverimap.aol.com
IMAP port993
IMAP security SSL/TSL
IMAP usernameFull email address
IMAP password Netscape.net password

Netscape SMTP Settings

Netscape.net (AOL Mail) SMTP Serversmtp.aol.com
SMTP port587
SMTP usernameFull email address
SMTP password Netscape.net password

Recover Netscape Forgotten or Lost Password

Forgetting or losing your Netscape email password can enmesh you in plenty of troubles such as poor account security, login issues, and data loss, thus it is advised to recover your Netscape email password as soon as you lose it. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • First, launch your browser and access the Netscape login screen through the AOL sign-in webpage.
  • Next, enter your username, email address, or phone number in the respective text field. 
Enter Netscape username or email 
  • On the prompted screen, click on the “Forgotten Password” link  
Click on Forgot Password
  • You will be then re-directed to the recovery webpage. Select the method you want to proceed with. You get to choose from a recovery phone number and recovery email address.
  • You will then receive a recovery email on your alternate email address or verification code on your mobile device, depending on the method that you have chosen.

Step 5: Create a new password and re-enter to confirm the password change.

Fix Netscape Login Issues

Netscape login issues are inevitable yet curable. Some most effective ways to deal with the Netscape login issues are listed below.

Solution 1: Remove the Auto-fill information from Browser

If you are not able to access Netscape login issues, make sure you clear the stored data such as cookies, cache, and history. Also, make sure that you disable the auto-fill feature of your browser and always use the web browser that is compatible with Netscape, here is the list:

Solution 2: Don’t Use Outdated Links

Earlier the Netscape mail was logged in through http://isp.netscape.com/mailcenter/.- which is no longer accessible and hence one needs to make sure that they use the AOL login webpage to log in and not any link that contains “Netscape”.

Solution 3: Make Sure You Enter the Right Credentials

It is crucial to avoid making mistakes while you are entering login credentials as it can affect your sign-in process. Hence, double-checking when entering the password is necessary to keep the smooth flow maintained. 

Solution 4: Keep Eye on CAPS Lock and NUM Lock

Enabling the CAPS Lock and NUMS Lock can affect the rightness of your login credentials, mainly password because the password text-field is case sensitive. 

Solution 5: Enable JavaScript on Your Browser

When JavaScript is not enable on your browser, you might encounter difficulty in accessing services like Netscape mail. Therefore, one must enable and update the JavaScript for the browser they are using.

Solution 6: Check Network Connection and Restart

If you are unable to connect to Netscape or can’t sign-in, you are suggest to check your network connection. Also, a simple restart can help you regain the optimum performance of your browser which will result in smooth login to Netscape email account

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Your Netscape email address will remain reserved for you but if you don’t sign-in, it can be re-activate any time, hence one should log-in and check their email account at regular intervals.
Ans: Yes, you can access the address book if you have an active Netscape email account that can be signed-in through AOL login page.
Ans: No, you cannot create a new Netscape email account as the domain is no longer valid. However, you can access the already registered account through AOL.
Ans: Yes Netscape has been discontinued and not to be coming back soon, as there has been no news confirmed for the same. But, Netscape has re-launched its news portal that is accessible though: http://netscape.com

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