Many claims made by top tech companies demonstrate that an Outlook Dark Mode, launched in 2019, is superior to a lighter one in some way.

As of December 2022, Litmus reported that 40% of users prefer dark mode while accessing their emails. 

Roughly speaking as of now, 60-80% of users incline using dark mode on their devices. 

  • According to Apple, dark mode helps people stay concentrated at work.
  • Microsoft claims that dark mode decreases eye strain and saves battery.

In the context of Microsoft Outlook, enabling works wonders; want to know how? 

Start reading this article and understand dark mode Outlook, how to enable Outlook dark mode on Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows, and the web version. You will also learn about the numerous benefits of utilizing Outlook dark themes. 

What is Outlook Dark Mode?

Dark mode outlook

To put it literally, dark mode In Outlook is just a dark-colored version of the program. Outlook’s default theme is a light background with dark text, but its dark mode is the opposite. To get it more clear, refer to the following two points: 

  • The dark mode Outlook provides you with a dark color background with light color text
  • By turning Outlook dark mode on you can use the dark-colored version of the software.

Outlook is not the only software that offers a dark mode or night mode; even though the names of these features vary, they all produce the same effect—that is, light text on a dark background.

The best thing about the Dark mode on Outlook is that you can adjust its settings to fit your preferences once activated. It means you have access to adjust the contrast, colors, font sizes, and much more. This way, you can give it a professional appearance while increasing your productivity.

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How to Change Outlook to Dark Mode on Windows? 

Now that you have a better understanding of the Outlook app dark mode, let us see how to enable dark mode Outlook on various devices. Let us begin by using the guide below to learn how to enable Outlook dark mode on Windows: 

  • Choose “File” from the top left corner of your Outlook.
    Choose the “File” option from the menu bar
  • Scroll toward the bottom of the left corner and click on “Options”.
  • You will find the “Office Theme” section here; under the head, select “Dark Gray”.
    Choose “Dark Gray”
  • Finally, click the “OK” button and all of your changes will be saved.  This will activate the dark mode in Outlook 365.

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How to Change Outlook to Dark Theme on the Web?

You can use the following method to enable Microsoft Outlook dark mode via the web: 

  • Launch the web browser, search for Outlook365, and sign in to your Outlook account.
  • Move towards the top right corner, and click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Toggle the “Dark Mode” slider to the other side to enable it.
    Toggle the “Dark Mode” to the other side

Alternatively, you can: 

  • Launch “Outlook 365” on your web browser and log in to your account.
  • Click on the “View all Outlook Settings” option
    Click “View all Outlook settings”
  • Go to General > Appearance. Now, you will be able to choose the “Dark Mode”.
    Choose the “Dark Mode” under Appearance
  • Finally, click the “Save” button and with this, the dark mode for Outlook will be activated. 

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How to Enable Outlook Dark Mode in the Mobile App?

To enable the “Outlook app dark mode” on your Android or iPhone, follow the steps below: 

  • Launch the “Outlook” app on your smartphone.
  • Move towards the upper left corner and tap your “Profile icon”.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom left corner and tap the “Settings” icon.
    Visit Outlook Profile icon Setting
  • Search for the “Preferences” section and then tap “Appearance”.
  • Select the “Dark” option from the “Theme” tab. With this, Outlook will begin to appear in “Dark” mode.
    Choose the Dark theme under Appearance

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How to Turn on the Outlook Dark Theme Using a Mac?

To enable dark mode for Outlook on your Mac, follow the steps outlined below:  

  • After opening Outlook 365, click the “Outlook” option.
  • Move your cursor to the top left corner and select “Preferences >> General”.
  • Choose the “Appearance” section, and click the “Dark” button to enable the Dark Mode in one go.

If your Mac is set up to switch between the modes according to your current local time, you can configure Outlook to switch between these modes automatically by clicking on “System”.

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How to Switch Between Night Mode and Light Mode?

You can always toggle between dark mode Outlook and light modes by using the icon at the top of the message window on Outlook. To switch between the night mode and light mode, refer to the following points: 

  • Select the Sun icon to change the color of the message window to white.
    Choose the sun icon
  • Otherwise, whenever you want the message window to have a black background, select the Moon icon.
    Choose the moon icon

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Benefits of Using Outlook Dark Themes 

Before concluding this topic, let us try to understand how the dark mode Outlook benefits in various ways:  

Decreased Eye Strain

Enabling dark mode in Outlook helps reduce your eye strain. The reason for this is that using a dark color scheme results in a high-contrast interface. As a result, your eyes can easily read the content, even in low-light conditions.

The blend of low brightness and glare with minimum eye strain helps you watch the digital screen for longer without difficulty.

Improved Readability 

The lighter text getting highlighted on the dark background improves your readability to a great extent. You can easily read all of your emails and other Outlook elements because the content stands out perfectly. 

Additionally, enabling dark mode in a poorly lit environment improves email management at your workplace.

Physical Appeal

Enabling dark mode in Outlook gives it a visual appeal, allowing you to enjoy managing your emails even more than before. It is a welcome change from the standard light mode.

To put it simply, you can personalize your Outlook and enhance its appearance according to your taste.

Saves Battery

Using dark mode in Outlook can conserve battery life, specifically on devices using AMOLED or OLED displays. The main reason for this is that dark pixels require less power to illuminate.

As a result, your device’s energy consumption decreases, increasing its battery life. This feature is very helpful if you frequently use Outlook on your smartphone throughout the day. 

Improved Concentration and Productivity

Enabling a dark mode Outlook increases your concentration and productivity. The visual experience is calmer, and with fewer distractions, you can concentrate better on your emails, tasks, and other schedules.

Undeniably, the dark environment provides you with a cozy and hypnotic atmosphere, thereby allowing you to perform better in your work.

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Disadvantages of Using Outlook Dark Theme

After having discussed the advantages of using Outlook dark mode, now it becomes necessary to know its disadvantages, let’s refer to the following points in this aspect one by one: 

  • Using dark mode may give rise to more of your negative emotions such as sadness or depression.
  • Using dark mode for long hours may strain your eyes, thereby affecting your eyesight.
  • You may become a victim of myopia or astigmatism eventually.
  • Your reading skills and retention power may be largely impacted.
  • Lastly, using dark mode on older devices without OLED screens doesn’t hone its battery life.

Which Theme is Better: Light or Dark?

Let me inform you that this question doesn’t provide any universal answer. After all, it all depends upon the personal choices you make. However, it’s also true that a substantial portion of the users love using dark mode because they simply find it cool to use.

On the other hand, for some others, using a dark theme seems quite difficult to manage. You can clearly infer that the answer is subjective here, so choose wisely according to your requirements.  

Enable the Outlook Dark Theme and Feel the Difference  

Undoubtedly, dark mode In Outlook provides you with a sleek and soothing interface, with the help of which you can read all of your emails with negligible fatigue.

Furthermore, the Outlook app dark mode has an aesthetic appeal. If you use Outlook for professional work, you can increase your productivity and manage your emails effectively.

So, whenever you want to switch from a light to a dark mode Outlook, all you have to do is follow this comprehensive guide, implement the steps listed, and you will be good to go.   

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Q. How to enable the Dark mode in Windows 11?

Ans. Go to your system’s Settings and then click on Personalization. Now choose “Colors >> Dark” to enable the mode.

Q. Where can I find themes in Outlook email?

Ans. Click the Actions menu, select New Mail Message, and then click on More. Finally, select a theme and click OK.

Q. How can I disable Microsoft’s dark mode?

Ans. Go to App Preferences >> General >> Personalize and disable “Dark mode.”


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