What Is Paige?

What is Paige?

Paige, a New York-based clinical AI company was founded in 2017 by Dr. Thomas J. Fuchs with his fellow colleagues. The company has developed an automatic device for Pathology, “Paige Prostate”.For being equipped with advanced diagnostic software, Paige is emerging as a global pioneer that completely works through incredible AI.

The stupendous A.I. helps patients, their respective doctors, and care teams to make better treatment decisions. Hence, with this new diagnostic technology, pathologists are able to enhance their work as this new scientific device raises their confidence and productivity to the zenith.

Paige Raises Series C Investment Round of $100M To Strengthen Its Technology And Revenue

Paige, in Jan 2021 announced a series C financing round of $100m. The leaders were Casdin Capital and Johnson & Johnson Innovation-JJDC, Inc. (JJDC), the capital arm of Johnson & Johnson. Another significant investor in the series C funding was Catalio Capital Management.

Later on, KKR also joined Casdin Capital and Johnson & Johnson Innovation-JJDC, Inc.(JJDC). KKR, being a co-investor in Paige’s series C funding, invested approximately $125m. It brought the finance with the help of the firm’s Health Care Strategic Growth Fund which solely invests in profitable healthcare companies. Besides, KKR can become a unique partner in any of such companies if it helps reach a funding limit.

This funding will elevate efforts of Paige to reconstruct the field of pathology. It will boost the process of such transformation by accessing the reports of patients’ samples. Going through useful insights will help the researchers, pathologists, and care teams to make better decisions. The Better the decision, the more efficient the outcome will be.

According to Leo Gardy, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Paige, this financing will assist in the developmental process of A.I. Additionally, the funding will open new doors for the developers to produce more useful artificial tools to enhance the growth of Paige globally. The investment will also infuse more engineering and commercial talent into the company.

Apart from the development of applications, features, and diagnostics, the funding will also be used to proliferate marketing activities and sales. Doing so will help generate high revenue. Thereafter, the focus shall be on the size of the manpower. The funding will be raised to expand its IT and marketing personnel. It’s Paige’s unique goals that provoked many leading businesses to invest in its Series C funding. 

If you are not able to interpret what Paige is all about, it’s suggested to continue reading because you will get a deep analysis of the company and its AI, “Paige Prostate” ahead. 

Comprehending Paige To The Core

Let’s start understanding Paige thoroughly in terms of each aspect. Studying every specific detail individually will widen your perspective on Paige. Let’s begin.  


Paige’s mission

Paige’s goal is clearly defined in the word itself. Let’s see how it is defined within 

  • Pathology
  • Artificial
  • Intelligence
  • Guidance
  • Engine

You can observe how clear Paige’s vision is. Its main goal is to use the powerful tissue-based AI which will help develop and deliver Pathology through digital diagnostics, and online tests to present and future generations. This way Paige is transforming the field of Pathology.

Core Values

Core values of Paige

To depict in only one word, Paige is A.D.E.P.T. It is indeed an expert when it comes to staying consistent with its core values. The developers have designed the AI in such a way that the current workflow and any future development into the tool always follow the principal values. As it is mentioned earlier, Paige is A.D.E.P.T. Let’s understand how it is actually:  

  • Accountable: Paige knows its responsibility well. It is responsible to the users for performing all kinds of tasks.
  • Disruptive: Paige is never an average AI. It is an emerging pioneer as a powerful diagnostic online app that is growing internationally.
  • Execution-focused: Paige believes in actions rather than mere words alone. The developers never believed in a vast strategy alone without doing proper execution. Hence, Paige always makes an execution-based strategy. 
  • Patient-centric: Paige owes everything to its users. Its complete work revolves around the patients and customers using it.
  • Trusting:  Building trust is the key element for any user. Hence, Paige is extremely serious while communicating its goals to the users and hence it partners with the customers to win ultimately. 


To know the core functions of Paige AI, read the following points: 

What is its role?
  • Paige’s flexible online pathology platform streamlines tissues deeply, analyzes them, and helps make a proper report thereafter. It’s a new concept in the pathological field and thus those working in this field have received a great opportunity from this advancement.
  • The in-depth insights available on the patients’ dashboard in Paige AI help oncologists and pathologists make effective and efficient treatment plans for their patients. 
  • To enhance the AI’s performance and invent new computational technologies for future generations, several experts in pathology and those specialized in clinical practice work together on a regular basis. Thus, Paige has brought many clinical professionals working in different areas of specialization to one place
  • This latest discovery in the medical industry works on advanced technology to bring new procedures for diagnosing and treating deadly diseases such as Cancer. Hence, through new discoveries in diagnostics, Paige is able to enhance the lives of many cancer patients. 


Let’s meet the founders of Paige and study them in brief:  

David Klimstra, MD

David S. Klimstra, MD

David Klimstra, MD, the chief medical officer at Paige is the founder of the company. He received approval from the FDA for making a new discovery of an AI product in digital pathology, Paige Prostate. Moreover, Paige is the first company to receive it. David Klimstra is an eminent expert in the Pathology of different tumors such as the digestive system, pancreas, neuroendocrine system, and liver.

Being an internationally recognized expert he has published more than 400 primary articles, 125 chapters and reviews, and 4 books. At Yale University, Dr. Klimstra pursued his M.D. as well as a residency in anatomic pathology. Before Joining Paige, Dr. Klimstra practiced at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for 30 years.

Dr. Thomas J. Fuchs

Dr. Thomas J. Fuchs

Dr. Thomas J. Fuchs, the originator of computational technology is the chief scientist and founder of Paige. He is an expert in analyzing images of tissue samples through AI, recognizing the disease, suggesting exceptionally well treatments, and foreseeing the outcomes beforehand. His name comes in the top 100 AI Pioneers in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare. 


Significant investors of Paige are as follows:

  • Breyer Capital
  • Casdin Capital
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HealthCor Partners
  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation
  • KKR
Investors of Paige

Special Features Of Paige AI

The crucial features of Paige AI are explained below under each head. To get a clear understanding of these traits, continue reading: 

The Finest Output Of Eminent Pathologists

The Paige AI has come into existence due to the constant efforts of various experts in pathology and eminent personalities from all over the world. They connected and worked together to bring pertinence to Paige AI. Moreover, their efforts actually induced a positive impact because an efficient performance could be observed on AI since then. 

Premium Laboratory Facilities

Through the Paige AI, users can get advice from a team of experts who can support them in various pathological issues from the ease of their place itself. They can access all their diagnostic reports related to pathology from their online dashboard. It saves their time and thus the process is faster than the previous offline one.  

Additionally, users don’t have to ask anybody else for its guide as Paige AI imparts comprehensive training in that regard. Irrespective of the customer’s nationality, online help is always available. Moreover, the customers are also able to access advanced laboratory functionalities such as LIS, and LIMS.

Quick Integration With Other Apps

Paige AI will surely excel in the long run because the app is flexible and capable of meeting its users’ demands. Thus, those who are app developers or who do AI merchandise, then they will find Paige AI extremely useful.

The reason is that they will find a software development kit once they get access to the Paige Prostate AI. Through this inbuilt software kit, they can easily integrate their own apps with Paige. Hence, quick integration to third-party apps is also available in Paige AI. 

Full Focus

This is the remarkable USP of Paige AI. Full Focus is a web-based, complete image viewer which helps pathologists in primary diagnosis. This advanced aspect supports different image formats, scanners, and LIS systems.

Overall, Full Focus is a dominant feature of Paige that gives an exceptional view of digital slides. It is a potent AI visualization that helps in treating different cases

Winding Up

Winding Up

Paige, the wondrous A.I. tool, has proven as a remarkable one-stop solution for pathology that is secure and at the same time, scalable as well. Being built on one of the applaudable web services of Amazon, it’s utilized in various countries. Additionally, the A.I. is completely reliable due to which customers witness an enriched experience. 

Furthermore, AI’s online solution doesn’t need a heavy expenditure on any space or administration. It’s all provided in the cloud itself. To easily manage and store your digital pathology reports, you can save complete slide images on the Paige tool which is quick and economical. This corroborates speedy access to online data with minimum expenses.