The typical office worker receives about 120 emails daily and sends 290 billion emails globally. In this sea of content, we need to stand out. 

Recent research has shown that including videos in emails and employing a good video maker can raise click-through rates by 300%, altering everything. Including the term “video” in our email subject line can boost open rates by 19% and cut unsubscribe rates by 25%. 

Undoubtedly, integrating video in some of our email marketing material is worthwhile, but how best to achieve this? Let’s look at the absolute basics before I walk into how to create the most effective video emails in this article. 

What Exactly is Video Marketing?

Various video media are used in video marketing to advertise and market the goods and offerings of a company. It seeks to draw in and inform audiences, hold their interest, and turn them into buyers. Marketing devices attribute video popularity to its strong shareability.

Considering that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, it is obvious that video is efficient. Long and cleverly designed, this engagement-boosting strategy results in a highly transformed target audience. 

How to Incorporate Video Into Email Marketing

Although it is technically feasible to include a video and afford a good video maker for email marketing, the majority of our recipients most likely won’t be able to see it there. Instead, include a GIF or still image with a link to the video’s host website. Everyone can watch the video as planned in this way. Including video in email marketing is much easier than we may think. Usually, adding a thumbnail and a link is all that is needed. We may include video in our email marketing in two different ways. Although we suggest the second choice, let’s examine both. 


Through email marketing services, it is possible to incorporate our video into our email. It appears to be the ideal solution because recipients can watch our video immediately, sparing them time. Still, the larger consequences of email embedding can hurt our company. 

The first reason to avoid including video in our emails is that many commonly used email services do not permit viewing such material and may even flag it as spam. The two biggest email services globally, Apple and Gmail, are included in this. Anyone can watch the content by linking to the video. 

The second and most crucial argument against direct embedding is that it degrades the website’s statistics. This situation implies we won’t gather fresh perspectives or useful information to draw. 


Utilizing a link to a clickable thumbnail for our video in our email marketing is the greatest option. Our video will be able to gather views, information, and analytics like engagement rate; as a result, allowing us to analyze our video email marketing and determine where it has worked well and where it needs improvement. 

Advantages of Email Video Marketing

Improved CTR

The click-through rate (CTR) evaluates our video’s performance. The Click-through rate or CTR is assessed by diverging the total number of clicks on our video by the number of times viewers can see it. It entices the audiences to open and view video emails, which may result from a captivating thumbnail, captivating subject line, or even just innate fascination luring people to the video. 

Improved Open Rate

You can calculate the opening rate of a mail by dividing the number of emails sent to individuals by the total number of emails displayed. Naturally, to get the proportion of emails opened, this number was multiplied by 100. Using the word “video” in our subject line alone can boost open email rates by 19%, as was already reported. It is most likely since 72% of consumers like watching videos more than reading about a good or service, per research. Videos deliver information to viewers quickly and effectively; anything that saves customers time is likely to be noticed. 

Better Conversion Rate

The achievement of the desired outcome marks the point of transformation. When a potential customer purchases something and becomes a valued subscriber, it typically occurs in marketing. However, it can also be a little action like signing up for promotional mailings. The conversion rate is the percentile of site visitors who change into customers after reading the marketing content. It is one of the most necessary bits of information our brand must consider.

SEO Improvement

Increase website traffic by using a linked video in our email marketing as it directly affects SEO. Search volume for users of video marketing is generally 41% more than for non-users. 

Boosted Social Media Engagement

Social media interaction can increase with video emails. We can use video emails to promote our social media efforts. Share a video of the celebrity announcing the partnership, for example, if we have collaborated with them on an Instagram promotion, and send it to our email list. 

Better Accessibility

Text is typically less accessible than video. Adding subtitles, animation, and visualized information is feasible to interact with practically every group in society efficiently, including people with visual deficits, aural abnormalities, and learning disabilities. A highly graphic language makes it easier for non-English speakers to comprehend data. Furthermore, sending lengthy, complex texts by email is not recommended because it is likely that they may be skimmed, ignored totally, or even marked as spam. Video allows us to send vast amounts of information via email without frightening the recipient. 

Put a Face to Our Brand

An excellent method to display our individuality is through videos. We can have fun or exhibit another aspect of our brand with these. People are more likely to interact when we allow them to put a face to the name. 

How to Create Effective Video Emails for Marketing


Subject Headings

Make sure the email subject line contains the term “video.” We will get more open if our subject lines are intriguing, especially if they mention “video.” Hopefully, more click-throughs and engagements will result from this. 

Prevent Emails from Going to Spam

The worst dread of an email marketer is spam algorithms. Note to employ a linked video rather than an embedded one and to add text in the email if we want to try to trick the algorithm. To avoid spam filters, limit the thumbnail file size between 600 and 650 pixels and no larger than 2.7 megabytes. There are many free web programs available to modify photo file sizes.

Use a Catchy CTA

Any prompt intended to elicit an instant and spontaneous response from a possible consumer, increasing the possibility that they would interact with our brand, is referred to as a call to action in marketing. Commanding words are frequently used in CTAs, subtly or not so silently included in commercial messages. Another CTA that entices viewers to click on the linked video is the “fake” play button. 

Adapt to Our Intended Medium

Make sure to modify it for mobile viewing if we want it on a device. The video shot vertically produced short-form content with the proper aspect ratios.

Choose the Right Audience

Understanding our target is one of the most crucial elements in creating our video email marketing plan. We may tailor our video email marketing to them once we’ve studied our audience. Try to learn the platforms and locations on which our target audience prefers to view videos. For example, businesspeople are likelier than teenagers to view videos on a computer screen. 

How to Create an Email Marketing Engaging Thumbnail

Pick a Captivating Thumbnail

On hosting websites like YouTube, a thumbnail is a condensed preview image that serves as a placeholder. They are conceptually somewhat comparable to book covers. Although judging a book by its cover is not advised, I’m willing to wager that viewers will do just that with our video’s thumbnail. On pricier websites, create customized thumbnails. They should support our brand, illustrate the video’s concept, and, if necessary, emote. 

Build a “Faux” Play Icon Overlay

We can add a false play button to our thumbnail. Use any photo editing program or photo editor to accomplish this; all we need to do is make a triangle and position it in the image’s center. It incites the email’s receivers to click the image. A good video maker can help with that. 

Then, using the URL link for our hosting site, attach the clip to the image after inserting the thumbnail into our online marketing application. 

Excellent Suggestions for Including Video in Email Marketing 

Invite Visitors to a Gathering

The next best thing to a hand-engraved invitation is a video invitation. Performers or producers might promote event sponsors or entertainment. Better still, if it’s an annual celebration, show some videos from the previous one. Remind regular customers of their joy last year and give everyone a bad case of FOMO. There is no need to wait; we can utilize the film from this year next year as well. Use it in an email to congratulate participants for coming or send a mass email to all subscribers to let them know the event was a success. 

Display a New Service or Product

Use a video to showcase our product rather than write about it. We can emphasize important elements, demonstrate novel abilities, and give the promotion some life. We can even send video emails with real estate listings; real estate video marketing is extremely effective. Show visitors around recently listed homes or compile a slideshow of available properties in a specific location. 

Use an Emotional Quotient

Comedy is challenging but rewarding. Embrace our sense of humor in a way that benefits our brand. Maybe we could make our hilarious viral video hit. The other approach is to play on people’s emotions by highlighting tragedies or sharing joyful tales. Our target market needs to connect to that emotion and link our brand with it. 

Publicize Online Courses and Contests 

Use video to pique interest in the chance to win, purchase, or learn. Offer price lists or tease incorporated lessons. Utilize these content sources once more afterward. Give subscribers a quick address using our favorite tip. We can show the winning contestants’ entries or draw raffle winners’ names out of a hat for contests. At a predetermined time, Livestream it and then send out a snippet through email. 

Cite Examples and Testimonials

Happy consumers possess a degree of credibility that our company cannot match. Question the customers about their experiences after being asked if they mind filming for a promotional video. We can combine clips from various interviews or provide a whole minute or two with a single, especially ardent brand promoter. Another strategy is to point our camera at the job rather than the client. Showcase restoration before-and-after footage or transport virtual visitors to a gathering we organized. Without telegenic events in our industry, we may utilize graphics to liven up a test case. Using graphs and side-by-side comparisons, highlight improvements. 

Offer a Sampling of the Digital Content

Email marketing video content makes the most sense when we’re selling the creatives themselves. Use our emails to give subscribers a sneak peek at the premium content if we sell memberships or digital files. 

Tell a Story

Using video email marketing, we can show viewers what goes on behind the scenes at our business. Tell readers about our background, staff, or business activities. It’s a terrific method to give our brand a human face. 

When to Avoid Using Video Email Marketing

These groups are unlikely to be email subscribers, so video emails could not be as successful in luring new clients or targeting a different market segment. The use of social media, television and other forms of video marketing will yield larger returns on investment. 


Email and videos are two excellent marketing tools. Combining them can greatly increase our audience outreach, interaction, sales, analytics, and return on investment. With the help of video email marketing, we can improve our open rates and conversions, clarify ideas or show off products, and build stronger bonds with our subscribers.