Windstream webmail is an email service provider having similar functionalities like any other email service provider. 

In this article, you will be served information about how to log in and sign up for the webmail. One who is new to this emailing platform will get plenty of helpful information. In addition to this, if someone has lost the password or username and is looking for some sort of solution to overcome this, they will also enjoy reading the article. 

While accessing the Windstream email account, if one is facing some login issues, there is nothing to worry about anymore as the best solutions to cater to these issues will also be provided at the end of the article.

So, without waiting any more let’s proceed with the very first step ie. login.

How to Login to

If you are looking forward to checking the emails of webmail, you will be required to login on a very first basis. The process to perform windstream net login is quite simple and does not require you to have anything other than the credentials. 

In the forthcoming process, you will be provided steps to accomplish the login process.

So, let’s get started.

  • Search and click on the email icon (as depicted below in the image).
windstream email
  • Now the webpage of the webmail will be opened. Enter the email address in the respective textbox.
  • Now, enter the password in another textbox.
Windstream login page

Step 5: if you do not want to enter credentials next time, you may tick on the “Remember Me” checkbox. Also, shown in the above image.

Step 6: Once you provide all details, you may click on the “LOGIN” button.

By completing the above steps, you can successfully log in to the Windstream email account. 

After having completed the login process, let’s proceed with Windstream account creation.

How to Create an Account on Windstream Webmail?

Are you new to Windstream webmail and looking for a process to create an account on it? Do not fret, as the procedure to register on it is provided below in a detailed way.

So, here are the steps.

Step 1: Unlock the device and go to the web browser of your choice.

Step 2: Now, go to this web address- “”. 

Step 3: A new webpage will be opened. Search and click on the “GoKinetic” link from the top right corner of the webpage. Also, shown in the below image.

Gokinetic registration

Step 4: Now a new webpage will be opened, from where you will have to click on the “Start Here” link. You can take an idea of it from the below-mentioned image.

Start here

Step 5: Once you click on the “Start Here” link, you will get to see a new webpage as shown below. Supply “contact information” with “mobile number” or “email address”.

Confirm your account

Step 6: If you choose “Account Information”, enter “account number”, “invoice date” and “Amount due”. Take the idea from the below image.

Account Information

Step 7: Once you have entered all the required information, click on the “Next” button.

Ahead of it, follow the further instructions mentioned on the screen and complete the registration process. 

Till here, you might have completed the login and registration process. Now, If you are not able to login to Windstream webmail due to the wrong username or wrong password, solutions will be provided below to cope with the situation. 

Retrieve Password of Windstream Webmail

In today’s lifestyle, there is a lot to remember and somehow if you forgot the password, it is not a big deal. Also, there exists a solution to resolve this issue. 

The solution to recovering the forgotten password is mention below. Have a look.

Step 1: First of all, open up the web browser and go to this web address – “”.

Step 2: A web page will open up, search and click on the “GoKinetic” link (available in the top right corner of the webpage).

Windstream GoKinetic

Step 3: Now, click on the forgot password link as shown below.

Windstream forgot password

Step 4: Now a new webpage similar to the one below will be open, here you are suppose to enter the “Username”.

windstream username

Step 5: Once done, click on the “Send Request” button.

Ahead from here, you will be taken to the “Validate” window and later to the “Recover” webpage. Once you are done with both of them, you will have the password recover.

Now, let’s begin with the solution to recover the forgotten username.

Retrieve Username of Windstream Webmail

Have you forgotten the username of the Windstream email account? And looking for a guide to tackle it? You are in the right place, as from here onwards you will be provided a solution in the form of steps, using which you can easily recover the username. Soon enough, you will be ready to access your Windstream email account.

So, here are the steps.

Step 1: Go to the homepage of Windstream using this web address “”.

Step 2: A new webpage will be open. Here, click on the “GoKinetic” link, as shown in the below image.

Windstream GoKinetic

Step 3: A new webpage consisting of several links will be open. Click on the “Forgot Username” link. Also, shown in the below image.

windstream forgot username

Step 4: Now, a new webpage asking you for an “email address” will come up. You may take the idea from the image below.

email address

Step 5: Once you are done, click on the “Send Request” button (available at the bottom of the webpage).

Send request button

After clicking on the “Send Request” button, an email consisting of the username-related information will be deliver to the above-mention email address. Hence, this way, you can recover the username of Windstream webmail.

Point To Be Noted- If unluckily, you did not get the email about the password or username, you should check them in the Junk and Spam folder. If still, they are not visible to you, go ahead to the “all mails” option and search for this email address – “”. Hopefully, you will get the required email.

Now, if due to some reason, you want to change the username or password of Windstream webmail. You may go to the below solution.

Change the Windstream Webmail Account Username and Password

If you think your account has been hack or once you shared the password of the account with someone but since then you have not change it, in this case, you need to come up with a new password. In this solution, you will also be provided with a way of changing the username. So, without wasting time, let’s proceed with the solution.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Go to “GoKinetic” using the web address “”.

Step 2: Search and click on the “Email” icon.

Step 3: Now go for the “Email Self-Care” link.

Step 4: Click on the “Online Account Options screen” and enter the credentials.

Step 5: Now, search for the “login” button and click on it.

Step 6: Once you are logged in, you will get to see a dashboard, from where search and click on the “Change Usernames, Passwords, & Email accounts”.

Step 7: Once you changed the username, password, or email accounts, click on the “Change” button.

Using the above solution you can easily change the username, password, or email accounts accordingly. 

Now, if somehow your Windstream webmail account has gone locked, in this case, you need to follow the below solution.

Steps to Unlock the Windstream Locked Account

There could be several reasons why the Windstream account is lock. Either you have violate any guidelines or have surpass any not to be done task. Whatever be the case, if your account is lock, no need to worry as the solution in the form of steps will be depicted below.

So, have a look.

Step 1: Go to Windstream homepage using the web address “”.

Step 2: Search and click on the “GoKinetic” link (available in the top right corner of the webpage).

Windstream GoKinetic

Step 3: Now, a new webpage will be open. Here search for “Having trouble signing in” (located above the “Sign In” button).

trouble signing in

Step 4: Now, the “unlock your account” link will be visible, click on it. For more help, you may look at the below image.

windstream unlock the account

Step 5: Again, a new webpage will open as shown below. Enter the “Username” in the given textbox.

 enter username

Step 6: Now, click on the “Send Request” button (available at the bottom of the webpage).

Now, the “validate” web page will open up where you will be require to follow the onscreen instructions. Similarly, later on, the “recover” webpage will open up, here also you should follow the instructions as depicted on the webpage. Once done your locked Windstream account will get unlock. 

After having finished the above procedure, let’s move toward the login issues and their solutions.

Reasons for the Windstream Login Issues

Unfortunately, Windstream login issues exist but that does not mean that they can not be resolve. Before getting into the solutions to overcome this issue, let’s get start with the causes of this issue.

The list of causes is below.

  1. Incorrect server settings are the culprit.
  2. Entering the wrong credential at the time of logging in.
  3. The web browser has crashed.
  4. The web browser is not updated to the latest version.
  5. The server status of the Windstream webmail is down.
  6. Windstream account has gone hacked as a result credentials are invalid.
  7. Using poor internet connectivity.
  8. The web browser is lagging due to many temporary files.

There might exist some more causes, but the above-mention are being faced by so many. Also, with the help of these causes, you will get to know what exactly is interfering with the smooth functioning of webmail.

After discussing the causes of Windstream login issues, let’s dive into the solutions to tackle the same.

Solutions to Overcome Windstream.Net Login Issues

The answer to why webmail login issues arise has already been given above. Now, if you are looking for the solutions to resolve these issues, you have come to the right place as here onward you will be provided the solutions. 

Solution 1: Avoid Poor Internet Connectivity

One of the most required assets while accessing the Windstream email account is internet connectivity. If this asset is inadequate, you will not be able to access any website on your web browser. So, to overcome it, you may try contacting the respective ISP (Internet Service Provider). But before that you should analyze the internet speed at your end, for this, you may go to “” and can check exactly the speed of the internet service you are using.

Solution 2: Analyze the Server Status

If you are not able to login to the Windstream email account, you should check for its server status. In order to check the server status, you may go to “” and by entering the required details you will come to know about its status. If no error is found, the problem must be something else. But if the server of Windstream is down, you will not be able to access it anymore. In this case, you can not do anything as only the server administrator has the right to operate on it. So, you should wait till the server starts functioning once again. 

Solution 3: Go for Another Web Browser

While working on the web browser, sometimes the web browser starts lagging and the tabs opened in the web browser start becoming unresponsive. If you do not want a web browser to hamper your productivity, you may switch to another web browser as soon as possible. A number of web browsers are available like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Solution 4: Provide Correct Credentials

The time when you are trying to login into the Windstream email account, you should enter the correct credentials. Also, if your password is case-sensitive, use the “caps lock” key cautiously. 

But if you are not sure about the password accuracy, go for the steps to recover the password mentioned above, and afterward, try logging in once again. Hopefully, if the problem was due to wrong credentials, it must have been resolve else go for other solutions.

Solution 5: Enter Correct Server Settings

To access the email client on any of the devices whether it is mobile or desktop, you need to have the correct server settings. As incorrect server settings may lead the email client to function abruptly. So, find below the correct server settings.

For Incoming Mail Server

  • Server –
  • Port – SSL (993)
  • Port- 143
  • Username- Your full email address 
  • Password- Your email password

For Outgoing Mail Server

  • Server –
  • Port – SSL (465)
  • Port- 587
  • Username- Your full email address 
  • Password- Your email password

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