With a whopping 227.8 million users worldwide, Yahoo Mail provides best-in-class email service to all its users. Yahoo mail runs smoothly, but some technical problems are faced by the users, like Yahoo Mail not loading

We know how frustrating it can be when you are at work, and your Yahoo mail does not load or work. Well, this can occur on any device that you are using. Start by updating your browser and if the problem persists, follow our guide. This blog will cover all the troubleshooting methods to resolve the “Yahoo mail won’t load” error.

Methods to Fix Your Yahoo Mail Not Loading

Many troubleshooting methods can fix the problem. However, you must try each way to find out what helps fix your “Yahoo Mail Won’t Load” problem.

Check The Yahoo Mail Server

down detector homepage

Firstly, you need to confirm if the Yahoo server is working fine or not. If their server is down, you won’t be able to access your mail address, or your Yahoo emails won’t load. 

Check the server status at downdetector.com. This website shows the reliable and accurate status of the server. Find out the status, if it shows poor, wait until the server problem is resolved, but if it shows fine, then you must refer to the below-listed troubleshooting steps. 

Check Your Internet Connectivity

Speed test homepage

Your internet speed plays a vital part in lagging. Low internet speed can also be a reason for Yahoo Mail not loading properly. You must check your device’s connectivity with the internet. Turn on the Airplane Mode; after a few seconds, Turn it off and check if the connectivity range increases. 

If you are connected to Wi-Fi, you must examine your wi-fi speed. https://www.speedtest.net/ is a secure website where you can find the range and speed. If it appears poor, immediately contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Erase The Browser Data

Users usually face the yahoo mail not working problem. This is usually due to corrupted browsing data. Browsers store all the history and information, which can get affected by viruses or glitches. These technical glitches result in difficulty in loading. Therefore, you must erase the data and refresh your browser to maintain the performance. We are listing the steps to remove browsing data below:

  • Open the browser you use.
  • Go to the menu tab.
  • Now, move to the Settings section.
  • From here, click to open the Privacy And Policy tab.
  • Select Clear Browsing Data from the given options.
  • Now, select Clear cookies and cache.
  • Lastly, confirm by tapping on Clear Data.

Pause the Gateways Or Antivirus Programs

Sometimes, the installed software on our PC flowers the speed and even stops many features from running. It is a possibility that your antivirus software or other firewall software is stopping Yahoo Mail from running properly on your device. Once you temporarily disable your software, go check if your Yahoo Mail starts to work fine. 

Check if Your Browser Supports Yahoo

Different users use different web browsers. Each browser has its features, tools, and compatibility list of software and devices. There might be a chance that the browser you are using does not support Yahoo Mail. In that case, you must switch to another browser like Google Chrome that can give you uninterrupted connectivity with Yahoo Mail.

Update The Browser 

Image showing different internet browsers

Every browser has its update system. No matter which internet browser you have, keep on reading to learn the steps to update for each browser.

  1. For Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome
    Google Chrome page
  • Click the Customize and Control button with ‘three dots’ on the top right side.
  • From the drop-down list, click ‘Help’
  • Now, Select About Google Chrome from the menu bar that appears on the side.
  • Chrome checks for updates automatically and presents the most recent version in the following window. If the updates were already installed, refresh the browser by clicking the Relaunch button.
  1. For Mozilla Firefox
    Mozilla Firefox search page
  • Launch the Firefox web browser.
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, select and you will see a drop-down menu.
  • Click the Help option at the bottom of the menu that opens.
Firefox update step highlighting about firefox
  • From the Firefox help side menu, choose About Firefox.
  • Firefox looks for updates and displays the most recent version in the popup that appears. Click the Restart to Update Firefox button if updates were installed.
  1. For Safari

    If you have Apple updates enabled, Safari should update itself on its own. The steps below can be used to manually upgrade Safari or to make sure it is at the most recent version.

  • By clicking the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the desktop, you will access the Apple menu.
    Safari Update step highlighting App Store
  • From the drop-down selection that displays, choose App Store.
  • Click the Updates selector button at the bottom of the left navigation panel to open the window.
  • Select Safari, then select Update (or click Update all to update every app).

Check ‘Login Session Expired’ 

There are times when we log in to our Yahoo Mail address but forget to log out. Due to inactivity, the login session expires on its own. This can result in Yahoo mail won’t load because it takes a little more than usual time to restore all your mail data.

Check Account Settings

Users ask, “How to fix it when yahoo mail is not receiving emails”. Well, this can be fixed by correcting the account settings. Go to the Account Setting section. Check your Spam folder to see if your emails are incorrectly marked. Check your domain; it might get blocked by mistake. Also, check your Blocked List to see if the sender is blocked. 

Check If Any Trouble Signing-in 

When you log in to your account from a new device, your account may take time to load. However, many devices have restrictions that you need to undo in the settings to allow accessing your Yahoo Mail on that device. 

Open Yahoo Mail and verify your information on the device. Remember to make a few unsuccessful attempts, as it can lock your account for around 12 hours. 

You can also click on “Forget Password” to navigate into your account.

How Can You Fix Yahoo Mail Not Loading On iPhone?

If you are an iOS user and you are unable to access your Yahoo Account on your device, follow the instructions given below:

Re-add Your Account

Steps to add Yahoo account in iOS device

Remove the existing mail address and enter your Yahoo Mail address again to avoid the technical problems that are occurring. Firstly, Go to your iOS settings.

  • Select ‘Account and Password’ 
  • A new page will appear; click on Add Account.
  • From the given options, select Yahoo.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Your account will be signed in.
  • Now, reboot your device to see if it’s working.

Update Your iOS Device

Steps to update and download the iOS System software

Updating the device system is mandatory otherwise it can stop many applications and features from running. Yahoo mail does not support the outdated version of the device. Go to the settings and check for the latest software updates. If your device prompts for an update, follow the instructions on the screen and download the new software.

What To Do When Your Yahoo Mail Is Not Sending Mails?

If you are not able to send an email to anyone from your yahoo mail, follow these quick instructions to rectify the “yahoo mail not sending mails” error:

  • Check the Recipient’s address in the Blocked List.
    Image showing Yahoo Security and privacy section

    Image showing Blocked Addresses tab

Settings > More Settings > Security and Privacy > Blocked Addresses > Blocked list will display

Image showing Yahoo folders
  • Check your Draft Folder.
  • Check the sent mails folder. If your mail appears here, ask the recipient to recheck their spam and trash folders. 


Your Yahoo mail may not load due to many technical reasons. Or maybe it is because your Yahoo mail is linked to AT&T email, in this case, you must unmerge your Yahoo email from AT&T to load properly.  However, there are many other methods by which you can fix the “Yahoo mail not loading” issue. We have discussed all the troubleshooting ways above. Try and find out the method that works best for you.