We at Emailsdesk value privacy and understand the concern of the users therefore we only store the data from the news letters and similar activities that you have signed up for.

Keep in mind that the information you provide on the forums is visible to read and capture, so make sure you do not fill out any sensitive or personal information on site.

What Do We Do with the Data We Collect?

We want to state that the second you visit the site, it stores information such as Web beacons, cookies, your IP address, system settings, attributes of operating systems as well as details of your browser and other contrary technologies automatically.

We want to clear the air around what we do with the data we collect. So you can go through the below-listed purposes to scrutinise why and what we do with the data we collect.

  • To deliver your desired products and services on your request.
  • To support you by reverting to your queries, comments & requests so you won’t be stuck anywhere.
  • To enhance business services as a whole.
  • To scrutinise the needful and take care of the company’s policies.
  • To perform analytics for the sake of the site.
  • To safeguard from fraud, identity theft or other sorts of infringements.
  • To offer the chance to indulge in programs, events and contests or other sorts of activities.

How Do We Share Information?

The details you share with us are stored and also accessible by the services providers who operate with us to carry out work on our behalf.

You can go through the prominent causes that we pointed out below to know why we share data.

  • To avert the company from any sort of damage or casualty, 
  • For internal business aims
  • If it is directed by the law or to be used in any legal proceedings.
  • For statistical and analytics intents.
  • To let the advertisers know about the primary nature of the users’ database.

Children’s Privacy

EmailsDesk’s aim is to provide tips, tricks, tutorials and updates regarding Emails, so it is apparent that this is not for the kids.

We also take care that we don’t gather any sort of data or information of the Children under the age of 16 and mistakenly if we notice that we somehow have collected the data of a child below the age of 16, it will be deleted with the immediate effect.

Data Storing and Access

We want to state that we store users data for a period of time until its serves the purpose it was stored for.

We also keep users data for a longer period in order to fix a dispute with parties or mandated by the law of the or to operate the business.

The data stored by us always complies with the privacy policy.

How Do I Know About The Modifications Done In The Privacy Policy?

We at EmailsDesk maintain a privacy policy periodically to cite the modifications in the privacy policy.

If there are any modifications performed in the privacy policy, then you will receive a notice from our site notifying you about the changes done in the privacy policy.

Ethics Policy

The contributors are the backbone of the email desk, they are the ones who build and post content on our website and these contributors comply with all the legal essentials and take care of decorum and are paid for the piece of content they build.

Along with contributors our writers also suggest and provide the required information they believe should be performed as well as all the content that is present on our website is published after thorough research and experimentation done by writers and these contributors.